Monday, July 22, 2013

WK78 'ACTION Time!!'

Dear Friends and Family!
Thank you all for your words this week! Always know that miracles truly did come to pass here in the beautiful land of Miami this week!
This week we saw huge miracles with teaching doctrine in our lessons! One lesson was with a lady who came to church and was preparing to be baptized on Sunday. We walked in and immediately she started bringing up concerns and excuses on how she wants to be baptized in a year and not this Sunday. But as we began to teach her the eternal reasons behind baptism she began to understand. Eventually she went to wanting baptism in three months, then one month, then two weeks, then this Sunday! The use of doctrine changed everything in that lesson!
Another experience we had was with an investigator who was also preparing to be baptized Sunday. We went and saw her Monday and she blew up on how her and her daughter cannot get baptized on Sunday because they are not prepared. We began teaching her doctrine and on Wednesday we invited them both to come to the church. As her daughter went to mutual we took this investigator around for a chapel tour. We went inside the sacrament room and the spirit was immediately there. Then after that we met with the investigator and Bishop and taught a lesson. The investigator explained how as she has been inside the church she has felt the Spirit. We then likened that unto Acts 2 and acting upon the Spirit. Our investigator then completely changed, "Alright, God wants me to be baptized, I'll do it!" On Sunday night as we sat at their baptism it was amazing to see the transformation that took place. All because true doctrine was understood, and thus the power of God was felt!
Things are going very well though. We have a good amount of baptisms lined up for this Sunday which we are extremely excited for. The field truly is white and all ready to harvest.
But what I wanted to share with you is something that I spoke on yesterday in sacrament meeting on revelation! Just as with the Liahona revelation comes as we are faithful, diligent, and give heed. When we receive revelation we must act upon it immediately! Do not let a second pass without acting upon revelation from God. As we do so I know that we will be led to live with God one day.
I love you all and tear it up this week!
Elder Pond