Tuesday, July 2, 2013

WK75 'The 305!!'

Dear Family and Friends!
This week has been full of life changing experiences and miracles as always down here in the Hialeah Zone. I am eternally grateful that God has sent me down here in Hialeah, I love it! I am also extremely excited because last night we received transfer calls and I will be staying another down in Palm Springs! So BIG things are coming!
This week we were extremely blessed to be able to marry the parents of the children that we baptized last Sunday! Then this Sunday they were both baptized. It has been amazing to see the complete change that has taken place in that amazing family! I met them my first day here and that next Sunday was their first Sunday in church. Now every time we go over they are all beaming from ear to ear and talk about how clean they feel. I am grateful for this life changing experience because it truly has strengthened my testimony of the Atonement of Christ!

The Zone is doing amazing and is definitely on the rise. I am grateful to my God for allowing our area to baptize eight souls this month and the zone twenty two. Now this upcoming month we will continue to grow so we can bring even more of God's children into the waters of baptism.
This letter is going to have to be fairly short unfortunately.. But lately I have been pondering on how 

God allows us to act in faith to be able to grow. Let us use the amazing gift we have of agency righteously! Let us stand our ground in righteousness always! To be able to do so in all things we must humble ourselves before God and align our will with His. In all things we must seek praise not from man, but from God! And I know as we do so, it is then when miracles come.

With Love,
Elder Pond