Monday, July 8, 2013

WK76 'Keep Goin'

Dear Family and Friends!
This week once again was full of huge miracles from God. We definitely received trials of our faith, but God is always waiting at the end of the tunnel with a huge miracle for us! The city of Miami is amazing! I love it soo much. Elder Rugg my new companion from Oregon and myself work hard in a little town called Opa-Locka all day long!
Elder Rugg and myself saw a huge miracle on the fourth of July though! As we got out to work later in the night we went to see two of our baptismal dates for this Sunday. They expressed how they didn't enjoy church and it seemed no matter what doctrine we taught their hearts were closed and they dropped us. After that we continued to press foreword with faith and stopped by two of our other baptismal dates for Sunday. The husband came out and expressed how they would be going back to their old church and asked us not to stop by anymore. At this point I wasn't really sure what to do, my soul felt anguish because nothing was going right. So as Elder Rugg and myself sat in the car we pondered and offered a prayer to God asking what He would have us do to see a miracle tonight. We both knew after that prayer that we needed to harvest and God would prepare people for us to baptize. So as we looked up we saw this man standing outside his house so we got out of our car and spoke with him. Immediately he let us in to bless him and his grandma. They both readily accepted baptism and his grandma came to church on Sunday and is getting baptized next Sunday! Then we felt a spiritual prompting to go to an apartment complex that we drove past one time. So at 8:30 at night on the fourth of July with fireworks going off everywhere we finally made it to the apartment complex. We walked up the stairs and the first door we saw open we contacted and blessed. It was an amazing family of three who all want to be baptized very badly! As we were walking away and said to Elder Rugg, "Man I love God for what He teaches us and how He always provides miracles for us!"
This applies to any situation in life. When things go wrong, stop, and remember your purpose and do all you can to fulfill the will of God. Then miracles will come from the heavens above!
Today I wanted to give a shout out to my Grandma Ruby for the amazing daughter of God that she is! She has influenced my life grateful and I would no where near be where I am today without her!
But I love ya'll and know that God lives! Keep goin and don't stop!
Elder Pond