Monday, July 15, 2013

WK77 'Miracle Zone!!'

Dear Family and Friends!
It is miracle time down in MIAMI!! I cannot even express the miracles we have been seeing this past week! I am extremely grateful for every opportunity and miracle I am able to learn and grow from for I know that as I do so I am able to become more converted and a tool in the Lords hands. This week we saw huge miracles as we were a tool in the Lords hands.
We were biking down this new street that we just began working. We biked past this guy holding a basketball and the Spirit prompted us to go speak with him. So we turned back around and contacted him. As we identified ourselves as representatives of Jesus Christ he said, "Come on in Brothers!" We blessed him and after the prayer he gave us a huge hug. We invited him to be baptized and he stated, "Absolutely! Can I do it today?" We then explained how he can on the 21st and he was very pumped. Then the miracle got bigger when we followed up with him the next day. He then told us the story of how he really met us. He said that day we were sitting at the stop light in front of his house and something told him to look threw his window. He then saw us and it told him to walk outside with a basketball. Then we talked to him. He told us, "Brothers I know God sent us to each other! I'm ready to go swimming in the waters of baptism!" We left that lesson edifying and rejoicing together when a lady came up to us as we were walking back to our car and asked if we were Mormons. We contacted her then walked five blocks to her apartment to bless her family. She stated how she use to go to the Mormon church in Haiti and loved it and was looking for the Mormon church down in Opa-Locka. After the harvest blessing they were all in tears and will be getting baptized this Sunday!
We also saw a miracle with a investigator we have been teaching for a while. His entire family was baptized three weeks ago and every time we would teach him doctrine he would bring up another excuse and concern. But last week we finally got him to church and this week we made sure we kept daily contact him him to show God our diligence. Every day a new excuse would come up concerning baptism but we continued to press foreword with faith teaching him correct until Sunday he showed up to church and said, "Elders, I'm going to be baptized today. This is my new church!" True doctrine understood changes attitudes and behaviors! When we preach the gospel this is what we must do! Teach true doctrine linked to their desires and then if they are elect and willing to receive by the Spirit, they will change!
Well we also have a very busy week ahead of us and I am extremely excited!! This week the shout out goes to my cousin Dani and in that case the entire Ship family. Ya'll are amazing and I thank ya for all you have done for my immediate family!
Even more miracles are coming! I can smell it, I can feel it, I know it!
With Love,
Elder Pond