Monday, October 29, 2012


Dear Family and Friends!
Well this Wednesday we had transfer meeting and it was very sad to leave all of my amazing friends down in Fort Lauderdale, but I knew the Lord had bigger and better things in store for me and he defientely did! I was called to serve in the Cypress Creek Branch which is just North of Fort Lauderdale. I absolutely know that this was a call inspired from God because I have already learned so much. Elder Lee from Kaysville is my companion and we were actually companions in the MTC so its really amazing to see how much each of us have grown. The work is progressing very quickly here and the branch is excited to very soon become a ward threw hard work in the Lords vineyard. When I got here the work was very slow so we knew that we had to get out, work hard, and find those children of God that have been prepared for this gospel. So this week was a huge finding week for Elder Lee and I that we saw many mighty miracles come from!
I truly gained an even stronger testimony of Ether 12:6 and how the witness always comes after the trial of our faith. The first couple of days we were working very hard and harvesting a lot in order to find the elect. During the morning before we came out we felt very inspired to pray to find families that need this gospel in their lives. About half way threw a day we felt very prompted to bike up to the very northern part of our area and visit two potentials. When we knocked on the first potential they immediately let us in, we blessed their home and their family of three accepted baptism almost immediately. Then when we went and visited the second potential she opened her door and expressed how much that blessing that we left with her helped the past couple of days. She then introduced us to her family of four and as we were doing How To Begin Teaching they all exclaimed a huge desire to come to church and be baptized. That family came to church yesterday and couldn't be more excited for their baptism this upcoming Sunday. I am eternally greatfull that the Lord heard our prayer in the morning to lead us to families as well as he gave us a witness after we worked as hard as we possibly could! This is absolutely His work!
We also saw a miracle while harvesting. We were knocking around eleven and we knocked into Kenny. Right away he expressed how he "goes to Church by the Glades". But we testified that Jesus Christ sent us to his door to leave a blessing and we were doing our best to invision Kenny in white getting baptized and he accepted the blessing. Immediately after we said amen his entire face changed and he expressed how much peace that blessing brought into our lives. We followed up Sunday after church and testified how much peace baptism will bring into his life. Him and his wife are now preparing to be baptized on the 11th because of the harvest blessing. I absolutely love harvesting!
Miracles are happening every single day here in Cypress Creek and I am eternally greatful for them! This week I definetely learned that without faith all is lost. We MUST have faith in all things and focus on the future not on the past!
I love ya'll soo much and yes I got your package thank you!
El Bell tear it up out there big man I love ya!!
With Love,
Elder Pond