Monday, October 15, 2012

WK38 'Picture the World'

Dear Family and Friends!!
This week was absolutely amazing! We had a marriage from a family that we have been teaching since I've been here in Fort Laud South and they got baptized yesterday! Another amazing marriage and baptism combo! We also baptized another lady that was super prepared and I love her soo much!
One of my favorite stories by President Monson in this past Conference was, "In one particular meeting, N. Eldon Tanner, who was then an Assistant to the Quorum of the Twelve, had just returned from his initial experience of presiding over the missions in Great Britain and western Europe. He told of a missionary who had been the most successful missionary whom he had met in all of the interviews he had conducted. He said that as he interviewed that missionary, he said to him, ‘I suppose that all of the people whom you baptized came into the Church by way of referrals.’ The young man answered, ‘No, we found them all by tracting.’ Brother Tanner asked him what was different about his approach—why he had such phenomenal success when others didn’t. The young man said that he attempted to baptize every person whom he met. He said that if he knocked on the door and saw a man smoking a cigar and dressed in old clothes and seemingly uninterested in anything—particularly religion—the missionary would picture in his own mind what that man would look like under a different set of circumstances. In his mind he would look at him as clean-shaven and wearing a white shirt and white trousers. And the missionary could see himself leading that man into the waters of baptism. He said, ‘When I look at someone that way, I have the capacity to bear my testimony to him in a way that can touch his heart.’… We have the responsibility to see individuals not as they are but rather as they can become. I would plead with you to think of them in this way." I've been trying to do that in the work Elder Hall and I are doing and it has been amazing! I love seeing how your faith in the Savior and in them rubs off and they can feel of the love that you have for them. Jesus Christ loves all of us and as representitives of Him we must do the same!
We saw some huge miracles here in Fort Lauderdale South this week! On Wednesday morning we had two blessings so that day we set out to be exactly obedient by getting eight by the end of the day. We went out to harvest and blessed five homes before we had to go to meetings with Bishop that night. We got done with the meetings at 8:30 and had a lady to go and visit but we knew being exactly obedient would bring forth the most blessings. So we set out to knock in the dark and at 8:55 we knocked one last door and Leroy answered the door. At first Leroy kept putting it off and saying no but I felt the Lord testify so strongly threw us and he accepted a blessing. We got to eight on the very last door of the night! Then the blessings that came the next day due to exact obedience was amazing. In the morning we got a call randomly from one of our dates that has been super busy saying the Spirit told her that we need to come over today. We were able to go over and solidify her date for Sunday. We got a call from a former investigator to come back over. Then we also got a call from an amazing family that got offended the first time they came to church. They stated that they would love for us to come back over. We did and they even came to church and loved it! All these blessings came due to exact obedience by getting eight blessings on Wednesday. I turned to Elder Hall Thursday night and said, "We must always be obedient by getting eight blessings by Wednesday!"
I am very excited for transfers this upcoming week and cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store! This week we have some baptisms for the Zone baptism at Stake Conference this Sunday so we are excited for another amazing week!
Another amazing week here in South Florida! I love ya'll soo much and love our Savior Jesus Christ as well! I really need some short sleeve white shirts so yea. But other than that, that's all! Love ya and BAPTIZE THE WORLD!!
With Love,
Elder Pond