Monday, November 5, 2012

WK41 'Testify, testify, TESTIFY!!'

Dear Family and Friends!
Ah it was amazing to hear from ya'll this week! Cypress Creek is booming like it never has before! The Lord gave us 76 homes to bless which is incredible and we are soo greatful for all that the Lord has been doing for us in this area. Cypress Creek is just like five miles north of my old area so it is very close! And yea our apartment is a couple of blocks off of the beach and so is the chapel so it's pretty cool!But right now we're especially looking foreword to continue to do what has never been done before! This week we blessed quite a few homes once again and saw miracles come from always testifying.
We started to harvest this apartment complex and the third door answered. Immediately he said, "No I already have good faith in Christ thank you, goodbye.." But we didn't give up, as the door was almost closed we testified very boldly that we know God sent us here to leave this blessing. And that we know we are representitives of Jesus Christ himself! Then something amazing happened. He opened the door and allowed us to leave the blessing. Afterwords the Spirit was extremely strong and we invited him to be baptized on the spot. Immediately he said, "No I'm sorry guys but I have already been baptized." Once again we didn't give up and we testified that Jesus Christ sent us there to invite him to be baptized again and to come to church to prepare for that baptism, never giving up faith and hope. Then his face changed and he said, "Yes I'll be baptized and I want my family to as well. I'm going to bring them all to church this Sunday!" I am so glad that the Lord gave us the strength to testify even when the door was almost closed. We must never give up because "the worth of every soul is great in the eyes of God"!
God always continues to lead and guide us to those souls searching for baptism but not knowing where to find it. We were harvesting on this street and we came to the door of Angela. Right when she opened the door she looked suprised but happy at the same time. We left the harvest blessing and invited her to be baptized right away! She looked at us and said, "I actually missed the baptism at my church and I felt horrible. Ever since then I've been looking for a new church so I can get baptized." We testified that God sent us here for that very reason and she accepted to be baptized on the 11th!
We are praying very hard down here in Cypress Creek to be able to link these precious souls that we have harvested to baptism! I know that miracles are on the way!
Continue to pray for the missionaries out here in Fort Lauderdale. Miracles are occuring daily! And I wanna hear about everyones missionary experiences from home so lemme know for sure!
With Love,
Elder Pond