Monday, October 8, 2012

WK37 'Listen to the Spirit ALWAYS!'

Dear Family and Friends!
What an amazing week we had and we were able to top it off by listening to inspired Prophets of God! I received so many answers to my prayers and was uplifted to the fullest! My favorite talk was Elder Holland when he challenged the entire world very boldly to always love God! It inspired me to do even more to show my deep love for my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ! If we truly love God it will be evident in everything that we do. We must always love God especially as members of His restored church!
This week we saw a huge miracle! We were going to visit one of our baptismal dates and while walking over there we saw a family walking up the steps in a complex next door and I felt the Spirit whisper to me to go knock on their door. I set it aside and our baptismal date ended up not being home. As we were about to get back in the car I felt the Spirit whisper it to me once again. So I couldn't deny what the Spirit was telling me and we went to go harvest that complex. The fourth door we knocked on was that family that we saw and they immediately let us in. They accepted baptism almost before we could even invite them! Then the next day when we went to go follow up she exclaimed, "Ya'll were definetly sent from Jesus Christ. I've been searching for a job for months now and yesterday a half an hour after you left that blessing I got a call for an interview." It was a miracle and then she exclaimed how she desires so badly to change her life and be baptized. The Spirit led us to her home and because we headed to the promptings of the Spirit and put off the natural man her entire family will now have the gospel of Jesus Christ!
We had quite a few investigators come to Conference this weekend and they definetly received inspiration on decisions that they have to make in their individual lives right now! We also have nine baptismal dates for this Sunday so it should be an exciting upcoming week as always FULL of miracles!
But not much has changed out here in the mission field. Elder Hall and I are working hard as always and transfers are coming up on October 24th. Hopefully Elder Hall and I stay together but we'll see what the Lord has in store for us!
I love the Lord. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. It means everything to me and we must do all things in our individual lives to follow our Savior Jesus Christ. He has sacrificed everything for us, can we not sacrifice a little for Him?
With Love,
Elder Pond