Monday, October 1, 2012

WK36 'OBEDIENCE in ALL Things'

Dearest Family and Friends,
Ah this week I have soo many blessings and miracles that the Lord has blessed us with! We are eternally greatful here in Fort Lauderdale South for all that the Lord has given us this month! We had the honor and priveledge to bring twelve souls unto Christ by baptism this month. It truly is amazing what the Lord can do with that full faith and trust in Him. Faith is a HUGE principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ that I have definetely grown over my mission thus far. Christ pronounced to all of God's children, all things are possible to him who believeth! Elder Hall and I definetely exhibiting a lot of faith this month and worked as hard as we can and the Lord granted unto us success!
This week the Lord especially blessed us with miracles especially as we were exactly obedient. We have a lot of investigators here but know we need to find the time to harvest in order to find more as well as solidify our current investigators with those indirect blessings. We set out to get eight blessings by Wednesday and fifteen blessings by the end of the week and definetely saw the indirect blessings. We have an amazing investigator that was suppose to get baptized last Sunday but got scared and all the sudden didn't think she needed to be baptized again. So this week we set out to help her recognize that she definetely needed this baptism and this is what God would have for her. Everything we testified of this week the Spirit testified of very strongly and pierced her to the very soul. She felt it and was baptized this Sunday! We know this was because of our exact obedience in all things.
Then we also saw direct blessings at the same time. We were out seeing some people Friday morning and all our appointments fell threw. So we prayed and asked our Father in Heaven to tell us where we should go and what we should do. We felt very inspired to go harvest this street that had been recently knocked but we didn't doubt the Lord at all. The first couple of complex's no one answered and then we got to the house that I know our Father in Heaven was leading us to. She opened the door and right away she asked what church we were from. We told her that we were from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and that Christ sent us to her home. She exclaimed that she knew Christ sent us there because on Monday she was talking with a lady that told her she needs to stop us next time she sees us. As well as she was just laying in the bed wondering how she is going to deal with all the stress she's going threw and then we knock on her door. As she is looking up to the sky she said, "I know that God sent you two to me!" We then blessed her and she now cannot wait till her baptism day.
We also saw the blessings with our Recent Converts who we love very much! We went and saw an amazing new member who was baptized a couple of weeks ago and he told us something amazing! He said, "Last night I was pondering on everything ya'll have taught me. And while I was doing so God put it on my mind that I need to go out and serve a mission as well!" We then tesitfied that he can do missionary work here and one day he can serve a senior mission! He has already found three solid referrals for us and is now preparing to one day go out and serve as a senior missionary!
I know that all these blessings came to us threw obedience! We MUST be obedient in ALL things in order to recieve the blessings of heaven! This work is amazing and I know that we will see even more and greater miracles as we are continually obedient in all things!
Transfers aren't till October 25th so we have a little bit but time just flies by when you are out serving the Lord. I just wish it could slow down!! Haha. But I guess ya'll will just have to guess who the pictures are of on the SD Card if they are of just us with normal people they are either Recent Converts or people that I have grown really close to.
Todays message is that the Lord is in ALL things, so ALWAYS trust Him! Love ya'll!!
With Love,
Elder Pond
Elder Pond Emailing Ya'll!