Monday, September 24, 2012

WK 35 'BIG Thinks Happening!'

Dear Family and Friends!!
It was amazing to hear from ya'll and feel of the Spirit that came from the temple dedication this week! Everything is going amazing out here in the mission field we are pushing to hit 150 baptisms as a mission this month! I cannot wait and know it will only come as we are faithfully obedient and always diligent! This week I also was pondering on how excited I am for the future of this mission and where we are going as we continue to do things that have not been done! I love missionary work!
Once again this week the Lord prepared the way for Elder Hall and I to baptize one soul unto Christ. Five weeks in a row He has allowed us to baptize this truly is a miracle that came from the Lord especially after seeing where this area was before! I know that this only came because of Christ's strength as Ammon states in Alma 26.
A huge miracle we have been seeing lately has been with the power of Book of Mormon study as a family and family prayer. There is this amazing family that Elder Hall and I have been working with for a while now that have amazing desires to get baptized, but are not married and living together. So they have been preparing for their marriage on October 5th but have been facing heavy opposition where Satan has been trying to tear their family apart. So we met with them and this day they were just yelling at each other and you could just feel the contention in their home. But we felt very prompted by the Spirit that every night if they read from the Book of Mormon and pray as a family that the Lord would bring their family closer together. They all committed to do so that night and what was really cool is what happened the next day. We came over and everything was picture perfect! Everyone was getting along and the house was filled with the Spirit because they were showing that Christlike love towards each other. When we asked what they did differently and they said they just did what we asked, read and prayed as a family and the Lord sent a miracle! There is power in reading the Book of Mormon and communicating with God!
This week we also saw how obedience in harvest brings indirect blessings. Last week we didn't quite get all the blessings that the Lord wanted us to get so this week we set out to get eight by Wednesday, and fifteen at the end of the week (the standard that President Anderson has set). While harvesting we didn't really find a ton of people who were really solid but the Lord saw our hearts and definetely blessed us indirectly by getting nine referrals of amazing people who are excited to be baptized! I will always be exactly obedient in all things not only to get the direct blessings, but the indirect blessings as well.
Big things are happening out here in the mission field and I truly cannot wait! We are baptizing more than this mission or almost any mission stateside has in a long time. We have a temple that will be dedicated in less than a year. And the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored! I love it! But yea the temples dedication date is set for 2013 Labor Day Weekend so we pray every day that the temple will be open by that date! It's been eight months since I've been to the House of the Lord and I really miss it. I'm proud of you as well El Bell you finna tear it up in the mission field! Love ya man!
Grandma Ruby-Thank you soo much for your advice in your letters. I can really feel the Spirit when I read them and they help me go out every day and work as hard as I possibly can! I love you!
That's really it for this week. Thanks for the packages and you should get a letter with the SD Card in it! Love ya'll make sure ya write this week!
With Love and Trust in the Lord,
Elder Pond
 Elder Pond and Elder Hall