Monday, April 1, 2013

WK62 'Serve Him!!'

Dear Family and Friends!

In the Miracle month of March we did what has never been done before again! My heart is full and my joy is brim that we were able to destroy our baptismal goal of 155 and get 168 as a mission! I know this was possible through our exact obedience, diligence, teaching ability, and conversion to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. And only through trusting upon the one and only Jesus Christ. This is just evidence of His mighty strength not ours at all. This month I know that as we continue to press foreword with faith in Christ we will once again do what has never been done before!

We saw huge miracles this week!! It was amazing to see the conversion process of someone that we harvested a while back. Elder Wardell and I were biking down a street that we always bike down and the Spirit hit both of us that we needed to stop and knock on this one door. So we listened, locked up our bikes, knocked on the door, and someone answered. We identified ourselves as Representatives of Jesus Christ and he said he wasn't interested and didn't need our prayer. But then we testified!! Most importantly we testified of our Savior Jesus Christ. He then let us pray with him and we specifically were guided to pray for him to find a job. He then accepted baptism, and found two jobs but got extremely busy and had to work Sundays. His family then all got baptized but this past Sunday he got off and came to church. He had a glow about him at church. As he was sitting down in sacrament meeting and we were having testimony meeting he tapped me and asked what was happening. I explained how anyone can go up and  bear testimony and challenged him to go up. He then did! He bore powerful testimony of Christ and what He has done for him in his life. He is now preparing to be baptized once we sort everything out with his probation and it is amazing to already see the change in his life as he has been able to testify of the Atonement of Christ.
This week we also started teaching a professional football player. He plays for the Miami Dolphins and has a super strong desire to follow Christ. The gospel is for all of God's children!!
The District is doing amazing and we are gonna make sure we come in with a lot of fire this week to kick April off strong! I have absolutely enjoyed serving in this amazing District the time that I have so far! Whatever the Lord has in store for me this next transfer is in his hands. But I know whatever does happen, I will continue to serve the Lord with all of my heart!
I love ya'll and next letter will let you know what the Lord has in store for me concerning leaving or staying in Plantation!
With Love,
Elder Pond