Monday, April 15, 2013

WK64 'Inspired Transfer Meeting'

Dear Family and Friends!
First of all, I am very excited for this upcoming transfer! As some of you already know I was transferred up to the amazing area of Stuart as a zone leader with Elder Torres. It is really exciting because Elder Torres and myself have been wanting to be companions for a very long time and finally the Lord gave it to us! It is amazing up here and I am excited to tell ya'll about the many miracles that will be happening! I truly know that this transfer meeting was inspired directly from God and know we will be seeing miracles here in our area and throughout the entire zone!

New Companions, Elder Torres & Elder Pond
This week Elder Torres and myself went out and worked very hard in our own area as well throughout the zone! In our area we saw many miracles and found many people who have strong desires to come unto Christ through baptism. The very first day we went out and got to work. We prayed for a place to go harvest, felt inspired to go to a certain area, so we got in the car and drove over there. When we got to the area before we got out of the car we prayed and then started walking. The first people we saw outside we came up to and offered to leave our Saviors peace and blessing. They allowed us to and wanted to be baptized! Then we asked who we could go leave this same prayer with and they sent us to their neighbor who is sick. We left the blessing with her and she wanted to be baptized! Then we asked her who we could leave this blessing with and she sent us to her neighbor as well. When we met her neighbor she broke down in tears and started talking about how badly she has been struggling with everything. We then left a blessing with her and she accepted baptism as well. God blessed us immensely as we were diligent immediately after transfer meeting, and as we asked everyone for referrals!
The Zone is doing things that have never been done before as well! Elder Torres and myself had our Zone Training this Friday and it was able to be a huge converting experience for the zone. We set our zone standard for at least 90 NI every single week, which is something that has never been done before. It was amazing to see that as the zone applied the training and kept the fire going we were able to get 118 NI as a zone. The new record! This will fuel us for some huge weeks ahead of baptizing and creating Zion!
Being up here in Stuart is crazy because we drive a lot! The Stuart Zone is huge and even our area is incredibly big. But what was amazing was this Sunday was Stake Conference and I was able to see some of my converts from Wellington. It was really powerful to see how much they have progressed and how amazing they are doing! I do know that this is the Lords work!
Well I gotta go cause we have been working really hard and I am incredibly tired. But ya'll are amazing keep up the work of the Lord!
With Love,
Elder Pond