Monday, March 25, 2013

WK61 'Repent!!'

Dear Family and Friends!
Well mission, district, and area wise this week was a little bit of a humbling week. We faced a lot of opposition and weren't able to do all that we had planned. But I know it is just God preparing us for even greater heights. We are going to do all that we can this week to remember what God needs us to so we can continue to see success!
We were able to leave many harvest blessings this week. It was amazing to see God put His children in our path as we always did all we can to speak with everyone. We had the attitude this week to bless everything that moved and because of that God blessed us and put many prepared people in our path!
It truly is amazing to see people countenance change after the Spirit touches them from the blessing. It happens all the time as we give the Lord all we have!
One thing that really hit me this week is how we truly must rely upon the Savior Jesus Christ. I know we say this all the time, but we must truly internalize this and be converted unto it! In our lives we often times put up walls around us that prohibit us from reaching our full potential. When this happens we must repent immediately and allow the Savior to remove those walls and thus we will become who God wants us to become!
I love you all and the work is moving foreword as always! Continue the work in the vineyard where ever you are called to labor, and Christ will labor along side you!

With Love,
Elder Pond