Monday, April 22, 2013

WK65 'Stuart!!'

Dear Family and Friends!
This week was an extremely exciting and unified week here in Stuart South and across the entire Stuart Zone. An excitement is filling the air for the big weekend we will be having on the last week of April. Miracles are coming I can feel it, we just must have faith and always be exactly obedient as you said.
This week in our area we saw huge miracles that as we testified of Christ, and brought members over to teach with us, the Spirit was extremely strong. Then we saw a huge miracle at the end of the week, with having eight of our amazing friends come and taste of the Atonement of Christ. Now we will be doing all we can here in Stuart to help these Children of God partake of the Atonement of Christ through baptism this Sunday!
I also saw a huge miracle in our area, as I was on exchanges in our area with Elder Fanika. We were going to an appointment that we had, but we turned down the wrong street. Then I looked and saw this man on the side of the street and the Spirit absolutely prompted me to pull over and talk with this man. I kept driving, but then I heard the Spirit tell me the same thing a second time. So we stopped the car, parked, and began heading to this mans house. We knocked on his door, because he had gone inside. Then his whole family came out, we prayed with them, and they explained they had been praying for more peace and strength and this prayer brought that. Then they all accepted baptism! It was amazing to see the Spirit guide us to this amazing family.
Sorry today I don't have much time, because Elder Torres and myself are extremely busy today.  We are going down to Wellington, so we can help the District. But, know all is well. We are working extremely hard and thus seeing amazing miracles!
With Love,
Elder Pond