Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WK63 'Transfer Full of Miracles!!'

Dear Family and Friends!
I feel impressed to start off this email with an immense sense of gratitude for all that my Father in Heaven has done for me recently! I am eternally grateful that I am able to feel of the great and marvelous love that He has for me and all of His children. He has blessed us with so many amazing miracles this past transfer, and feel honored that He trusted us enough to give us the strength to lead ten of his children into the waters of baptism. Last night we received transfer calls and I will be transferred away from the amazing area of Plantation! Off to my fifth area which is super crazy! But I love the area of Plantation with all of my heart and definitely will miss it. But I do know that I must trust in the Lord with all my heart. At the same time I am extremely excited for what he has in store for me as His servant this upcoming transfer. I know through continued humility and diligence in His work I will continue to see miracles from God come to pass.
This week we saw huge miracles with harvesting! While we were introspecting on the past couple of weeks and what we can do even better we felt like our harvesting needed to be more led by the Spirit and powerful. So we set those goals and went out to work hard this week! As we followed the Spirit we were able to meet one person that when we invited her to be baptized she exclaimed, "I have been thinking about getting baptized for the longest time so the other week I prayed for it to happen. I know God sent you here to baptize me!" We also met another that exclaimed she was going through really difficult times and feels an incredible peace whenever she is with us. Then we met a family of five that were all looking for a church and when we invited them to be baptized they all accepted readily. We also were led to someone who said, "Lately I've been going through a really tough time. I wanted someone to pray with me and needed to know what God wanted me to do. So I prayed and a couple days later you guys showed up. When you invited me to be baptized I knew that is what will give me the strength that I need to continue to move foreword." Our loving Heavenly Father blesses us as we give him our all and truly listen to the Spirit.
We also saw a huge miracle this week with an amazing lady that we were helping prepare to be baptized this Sunday. She has had a few dates in the past but something always came up that caused her to get cold feet and not get baptized. This week we were not going to let that happen though! So at the beginning of the week we made a specific baptismal plan for her that involved members like the Relief Society President coming over with us. We went about and executed that plan as flawlessly as possible. But then Sunday came and an hour before her baptism she called us and told us that she doesn't feel ready and to not come over till tomorrow. We were confused but we wouldn't take anything as a reason for this amazing daughter of God to not get baptized. So the next day when we went over there we began by serving her and helping her load things out of and into her truck. Then finally we got to sit down and minister unto her. We began with a humble prayer unto God and then started to testify concerning baptism and how the Spirit of God has told her to come unto Christ through baptism and she needed to listen! Then we asked her the question of how Christ expects her to trust in Him at this time. She said to be baptized. So we testified of Christ once again and said now be baptized this day! She talked about how she had to watch her grandchildren and her car can't fit them. But then we called a member, arranged a ride for all of them, and she was baptized. Huge miracles come from God always! We must always trust in our Savior Jesus Christ!
The District here in Plantation is absolutely amazing! I have grown to love Sisters Dougal, Gordon, Merrill, Stegelmeier, and Elder Rondo a lot. I have seen them grow tremendously for sure! Likewise because of the amazing missionaries they are I have learned an immense amount from them! I am definitely sad to leave them but know that they will continue to see many mighty miracles and become the Children of God that God wants them to become!
Well I truly love and appreciate all of you a lot. But most importantly I truly love and appreciate my loving Heavenly Father. I love Him with my whole heart and soul. I know this work is His. I will continue to submit my will fully unto God. I know this Gospel is true!!
With Love,
Elder Pond