Monday, September 10, 2012

WK 33 'The Change of the Gospel!!'

Dear Family and Friends!!
First of all I just want to tell ya'll that I love you soo much and thank you for your support! Ya'll mean the world to me! But this week was definetely a very eventfull week! Elder Hall and I have been extremely busy in helping all who we possibly can come unto Christ threw baptism! It was amazing to have personal interviews this week with President Anderson I always look foreword to them. It's always amazing to see President and Sister Anderson and feel of their amazing spirit that they carry with them! But this week we definetely saw some miracles come for sure.
We had another baptism which is amazing! This man made an incrediable amount of changes in his life and truly desired to come unto Christ threw baptism no matter what. We had a couple of lessons with him this week where the spirit were amazingly strong and definetely increased his desires to change his life and what he has been doing. I am eternally grateful for the Spirit in the work for without it we shall not teach.
Another miracle that we saw this week is finding many people who have been waiting for the gospel in their lives. Right now in Fort Lauderdale South the Lord is leading Elder Hall and I to those who truly need us! We have been led to both families and individuals who the gospel is changing their lives! I've definetely seen that this gospel brings true happyness to those who are searching and in need of that happyness. It feels that void that we all have in life until we fully embrace the restored gospel of Jesus Christ fully! Anyone that needs that void filled, or just more happyness, I know that the restored gospel will fill that void!
We also got extremely blessed by helping sixteen nonmembers come to church this week to feel of the Spirit. I realized this week what a blessing it is to go to church and get away from the world. All of the people we helped come to church this week felt that Spirit and their desires to be baptized increased tremendously. Getting everyone to church helps increase everyones desires almost more than anything, thus it is extremely important that they come to church!
I also realized this week that the reason we invite people to do things and act, like pray, read, come to church, and be baptized, truly comes down to because we love them! All of these things have blessed our lives and will bless their lives. Therefore it is an act of love when we invite people to act for it will bless their lives! Charity is very important in the work. Probably one of the most important attributes that we can have!
Elder Hall and I also saw a lot of adversity this week from the adversary in the work. I learned so much and am grateful for that because it truly helped me grow. But we are seeing miracles threw our zeal and hard work here in Fort Lauderdale South!
I definetely am very excited for this transfer and to see what the Lord has in store for me, Fort Lauderdale South, as well as the entire mission! We are about to do what has not been done before. For this next transfer I trust fully wherever the Lord wants me to go and whatever he wants me to do. I kinda feel that the Lord is gonna switch Elder Hall and I up but you never know. I know Elder Hall so I would defientely be pumped if he allowed us to stay together but we'll see what the Lord has in store and I'll know next week for sure!
And I am feeling much better this week! It was amazing to see how the Lord gave me the strength to still do what we needed to do this week. Every day Elder Hall and I still got out and worked just as hard as we always do. It was amazing cause when I was in the apartment I felt very sick, but I put that trust in the Lord and he gave me the strength to still work just as hard!
Brezzy Brew-Dude thanks for the email! You can go ahead and email me and I'll send ya letters in the mail just due to mission rules. But it's amazing to hear that everything is well. I expect ya to go out and be the top salesperson in Sniagrab this year. I'll write ya a letter today though bro and I truly do love ya man!
I love this work and even though it can be very stressful at times, it definetely is worth it! The worth of EVERY soul is great in the eyes of God! Love ya'll!!
With Christlike Love,
Elder Pond