Tuesday, September 18, 2012

WK 34 'Three Hour Baptism!!'

Dear Family and Friends!!
Ah I can't wait to tell y'all what's been happening this week cause it has been full of miracles!! Right now we are actually sitting in McKay Peirs grandparents home because they are serving a senior mission here in Fort Laud! I'm actually on Sister Peirs iPad right now! It's crazy for sure!
The words of the prophets always gets me pumped for doing missionary work! I love it! Last night we actually got the transfer call and both Elder Hall and I are staying here in Fort Laud South! I'm very excited to stay here in Fort Lauderdale South for at least one more transfer with my amazing companion Elder Hall! We have a lot of exciting things happening here in our area and are definitely seeing the Lord labor along side us every single day. The miracles we are seeing here by the hand of the Lord make me stand in aw all the time!
Last week was amazing but ended on a sour note due to most of our baptisms falling threw. But we pressed foreword with faith knowing that the Lord was along our side always! We also set out to be even more obedient this week by reaching eight blessings by Wednesday as well as getting home at nine every night. For we knew that by being exacltly obedient we would recieve even more blessings from on high and we definitely did! On Wednesday we only had one blessing and we set out and the Lord preparing seven homes for us to bless. Then we saw the indirect blessing flow in on Sunday! The family that was suppose to be baptized last week overcame a lot of trials this week and entered into the waters of baptism. They all exclaimed that they felt relieved of all of their burdens when they came out of that water and can't wait to recieve the gift of the holy ghost next week! We also had a part member family where the son was set to be baptized. We had been teaching him for a while and his desires have always been sky high. We also always heard about the other son but never met him until they brought him to church this Sunday. But we had thirteen non members at church so we were super busy and didn't really get to talk to him much. Then after church everyone was sitting in the chapel waiting for the baptismal service to start when I felt very prompted to invite the other so to be baptized today with his brother! We first met him three hours ago and never even taught him but I couldn't argue with the Spirit and invited him right there! He accepted and was baptized with his brother and it was amazing! We always must be exactly obedient and listen to the Spirit and by doing so miracles always come forth!! Not only in missionary work but in ALL things in life! This week we had a total of seven baptisms and I know that we can see miracles like this in our individual lives as we are exactly obedient and always listen to the Spirit in all things!
I love this work and am very excited to see even more miracles here in Fort Lauderdale South! When ya send mail to the mission office they just transfer it to our apartment and it only takes an extra day so you're good to send mail! I love y'all and can't wait to see more miracles in y'alls lives as well as in the mission field!
Return With Honor!!
Elder Pond