Monday, August 5, 2013

WK80 'Both Sides of the Veil!'

Dear Family and Friends!
This week has been an interesting one, but definitely one full of miracles that has built my faith in Jesus Christ!
First of all, big things are happening in the beautiful area of Opa-Locka, "Where everyone wants to be baptized!". We are getting a lot of people to church every week and now are just working on consistently mobilizing those children of God into the waters of baptism to receive the Atonement of Jesus Christ!
That is something huge I have felt this week. Of the power of the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. Especially ever since I heard of her passing, I have felt of the peace that comes from the Spirit as your soul is clean from sin. I have also felt something incredibly powerful of the veil being very thin. I definitely miss my Grandma, but I feel closer to her now that I ever have before. I feel as if she is consistently standing right beside me like a third companion. I know she is there with me always. I have definitely also felt an increase of power as a result. We have been finding amazing people who are going to get baptized this Sunday! I know that as I continue to be faithful then I will receive power from both sides of the veil!
Other than that we have an insanely busy day today! Zone Training is tomorrow and then transfers next week. I am willing to go where God wants me to go so it will be exciting to see what he says!
With Love,
Elder Pond
July Zone Training

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