Monday, August 26, 2013

WK83 'God is Real!'

Dear Family and Friends!
I am extremely grateful once again for how I have grown closer to the Lord this week and become more converted unto Him. This week I especially had a chance to ponder on how amazing and loving God is. I love those moments when you can take a step back and just reflect on the love of our father in heaven! Opa-Locka is going to turn into Zion one day!
Zone Conference August 2013
We saw huge powerful miracles this week with helping God's children progress towards the waters of baptism. This past Sunday, Grandma's 92nd birthday, big things happened. When I remembered this I reflected back to a family that we use to teach that God told me needs to be baptized. So the whole week we tried to get in contact with them but got nothing. Then Saturday came and we went to see our recent convert to take her with us to teach her neighbors and we saw that lady walk inside her home. So quickly we went to go catch up with her. As we taught her the Spirit was amazingly strong, I definitely could feel the presence of my Grandma helping us in that lesson. At the end of the lesson she readily accepted to be baptized!
Another huge miracle we saw was we went back to follow-up with a lady that we blessed the other day. As she was about to say the closing prayer there was a knock at the door. A lady walked in and talked about how she use to go to the church but then lost contact with us. She was never baptized because she wasn't prepared. So the next day we went to see her and I had an impression to throw her in an exchange with Elder Shepherd since we were on exchanges. She came out excited and pumped to be baptized! I am grateful for the Spirit and the ability it has to lead us and guide us to see miracles!
Things are going amazing though. One of the biggest things I learned this week is the power of the ordinances and covenants that we make in Christ's church. It brings the power of the Atonement into our lives which allows us to change. All those need this POWER in there lives!
With Love,
Elder Pond