Monday, August 19, 2013

WK82 'This Sunday We Will Baptize!'

Dear Family and Friends!
This week I am eternally grateful for many huge miracles.  In every single aspect I know that God's hand is definitely in the work!

As I said last week, this past week is Transfer Week and is always Miracle Week and that absolutely proved to be true with us! Wednesday we both saw that we needed to get four blessings by the end of the night to reach our eight blessings and be obedient. But we had many appointments so decided we would harvest while we travel from appointment to appointment. It was amazing to see God lead us to five homes to be blessed and meet five people who had huge desires to enter into the waters of baptism. Then on Sunday God blessed us with another huge miracle and we were able to baptize four of God's Children. I am excited and know that huge things will be coming with my new companion Elder Burgon and myself this transfer in Opa Locka and the Hialeah Zone.
Elder Pond and Elder Burgon - Hialeah Zone Companions

This week was a huge blur though I definitely know as always we worked hard and saw huge miracles. Thank you soo much for your powerful spiritual experiences they definitely strengthened me! Know that we will baptize this Sunday no matter what, on my Grandmas 92nd birthday!
With Love,
Elder Pond