Monday, March 18, 2013

WK60 'The Atonement'

Dear Family and Friends!

Just another week in paradise! As always we were able to work extremely hard and see many mighty miracles! Work Ethic is one of my favorite "Qualifications for a Miracle" and is an expression of our love for the Lord as it says in Preach My Gospel. This week we saw many powerful experiences that as we worked hard and put our trust in God, he performed miracles for us.
There has been this family of four that I have been teaching since I got here. The 79 year old father was harvested before I got here and they weren't planning on going back and teaching him. But I had the strongest impression to go teach him and his family so we did! They have faced many trials as they have been progressing but we were able to help them overcome them. At the beginning of this past week as we were making baptismal plans for our progressing investigators we felt extremely inspired that this family would be baptized Saturday. So we wrote out a plan and executed it as best as we could. Then came Saturday and this family was baptized! It was amazing to see our plans come to life and with the strength of Christ this family now has the infinite gift of the Atonement of Christ! We must always make specific plans, trust in the Spirit, and execute those plans to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man!
Another experience that impacted me this week was with the family that got baptized last Sunday. One of her sons was at his friends house Sunday morning so he wasn't able to be baptized. But what was amazing was immediately following he saw how much baptism impacted his family and he wanted that for himself. So he was baptized Sunday and it was amazing!
Things are amazing though! The Mission, Zone, District, and our Area are doing things that have never been done before every single day! I know as we continue to do what God would have us do, we will see many mighty miracles! God loves all of His children. So we must baptize all of His children so they can fully partake of the Atonement of Christ! Let us press foreword in His work!!
With Love,
Elder Pond