Monday, March 4, 2013

WK58 'Witness Time!!'

Dear Family and Friends!!
I cannot express the gratitude that I have in my heart for the Lord especially this week. I know even more now how much he truly is laboring along side us every step of the way. Elder Rondo and I saw huge miracles this week and the entire District saw huge miracles as well!
This week we saw a huge witness after the trial of our faith. Lately we have been working extremely hard and doing all that we can but have been seeing trials come up. A huge trial for me was the bike crash last Saturday night. And yes I am completely fine and nothing is wrong so don't worry about me at all! But as I allowed to Atonement to work within me we continued to "press foreword steadfastly with faith in Christ"! Then on Sunday we saw a huge miracle. We had four new investigators come to church for the first time that all have baptismal dates for next Sunday. As well as there is a part-member family where the father of the family was baptized about three years ago but due to problems with the mother of the family the kids have not been baptized even though they attend church every Sunday. We have had several extremely powerful, spiritual experiences with this family and one of the kids got interviewed on Friday to boost her desires even higher! She still was unsure about baptism. But before church on Sunday Elder Rondo and myself were able to testify to her and invite her to be baptized that day. She still expressed doubts about her mother and I had a spiritual impression to invite her for Tuesday. She still was unsure and then the church service started. But what is truly amazing is what happened after church! She walked up to us and exclaimed very clearly that she absolutely will get baptized Tuesday. The Spirit worked within her at church as we did all that we could and testified boldly with love. A huge witness of our faith and now she will be able to receive the Atonement of Christ!
The District is on fire with faith in Christ as well it is truly amazing! I got two brand new missionaries in my District straight from the MTC so it was been amazing to already begin and play an influential role in their conversion process as representatives of Christ. We also broke a record as a mission and had 44 baptisms this week!! The Lord is absolutely laboring along side us every step of the way.
I love the Lord. I know Jesus is the Christ. And I know with faith in Christ, ALL things are possible!

Love ya'll!!
Elder Pond