Monday, January 28, 2013

WK53 'ALL of our Heart unto God'

Dear Family and Friends!!
Another amazing week in the mission field full of miracles from on high!! Today I was reading the words of Elder D. Todd Christofferson and they really struck me! "The first intimations of faith in Jesus Christ come by hearing the word of God—the gospel of Jesus Christ. When that teaching is given and received by the Holy Ghost, ‘the Spirit of truth’ (D&C 50: 17-22), the seed of faith in Christ is planted. Paul taught this to the Romans when explaining that all may receive the gift of faith: “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17). In other words, faith cometh by hearing the message that is the word, or gospel, of Christ. As he describes the ministry of angels, Mormon tells us that it has always been the pattern that faith comes by hearing the gospel (Moroni 7:31-32)… Commissioned to ‘bear testimony of him’, missionaries are called, set apart, and empowered under apostolic keys and authority. They are therefore counted among ‘the chosen vessels of the Lord’ In other words, as the Lord’s authorized messengers, they, through their teaching and testifying by the power of the Holy Ghost, will introduce faith in Christ in the souls of those who hear them!" How great is our calling! Elder Wardell and I are striving to give the Lord all that we have in the work in Plantation. I definitely have already learned so much here in Plantation and I know we will continue to see miracles as we press foreword with faith in Christ!
This week we were biking down a street and I saw a man in his car. Elder Wardell told me that they blessed him and he wasn't really interested but I felt extremely prompted by the Spirit to go teach him and increase his faith in Christ. So after our appointment we went and started testifying to him of baptism. His heart was very hard, but the Spirit told both of us that we had to set up a time the next day to see him and his entire family. Not knowing why, because this man had a very hard heart, but we listened to the Spirit of God and arranged for a time to stop by the next day. When we came by the next day he told us how his family was busy. But as we continued to talk someone walked out of the door and asked, "Who are you guys?" We testified that we are true Representatives of Jesus Christ. The expression on her face totally changed, she came out, and at the end of the lesson she basically invited herself to be baptized! She came to church on Sunday and after Gospel Principles she was glowing and came to us and was extremely happy! Because we listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost we were guided by God into her life and now she is going to enter into the waters of baptism this Sunday!
I personally had a really powerful experience as District Leader in an interview this week! As I accounted with the Nova YSA Sisters they brought up a girl that has been coming to church for a long time, but has never gotten baptized. At that time I had a very strong prompting that I needed to call her and set up an interview. So after accounting with the Sisters we all decided that is what needed to be done. So we put the plan into action! I made some calls, got this daughter of Gods phone number, and called her. She stated that she was very busy and would never have time to meet with us. So then I put it in the Lords hands and let Him work His magic. Friday night we got a call from the zone leaders and they stated how they needed an interview down near Fort Lauderdale at 1:30. So we worked out plans to make that happen and early Saturday morning this Sister called us who I called and wanted to interview. She said, "Hello is this the missionaries?... You know I've been thinking a lot and I need you to pray with me so I can get threw what I am going threw. Can you meet me at two in Fort Lauderdale." A miracle happened and the Lord made plans happen where it lined up perfectly. We met at two and it was one of the most powerful interviews in my life. At the beginning of the interview she stated how she was going to get baptized maybe at the end of the year. But as I invited the Spirit of God it was able to soften her heart. She began to cry and knew that God wanted baptism for her immediately. She will passed her baptismal interview and will be baptized very soon because of the Spirit of God. I know this is God's work! And I love and appreciate the call to serve as District Leader with all of my heart. I am doing all that I can to give the Lord ALL of my heart!
I love my District and this month I know we are going to do what has never been done before threw our Lord, Savior, and King Jesus the Christ. I love my Savior Jesus Christ with all of my heart. And am striving daily to give him all that I have! I love this work and know baptism is the way Children of God can receive the most happiness in this life! Let us all strive in our day to day life to share the "good news" of the Gospel with all of God's children! And go out into the world and BAPTIZE!!
Love ya!
Elder Pond