Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WK52 'Act, Don't Be Acted Upon'

Dear Family and Friends!
Here I am!! Sorry it is Tuesday this week due to Martin Luther King Day we proselyted because everyone is home on holidays! This week I got a call to serve in the Plantation Ward. I know that this was inspired from God! Plantation is like the center of the mission it's where the Mission Office is as well as President and Sister Anderson lives in our area. It is fairly wealthy like Wellington and it has been doing things that have never been done before already! Like honestly we have seen so many miracles in the past couple of days! My new companion is Elder Wardell and he is amazing! We are coming in with a lot of fire this transfer and are very excited to baptize weekly here in Plantation and continue to do what has never been done before. The Lord has been granting us countless miracles this week!
We saw a miracle with contacting everyone that we talk to because God truly has put them in our paths. Elder Wardell was on the phone with a member and this lady with three kids was walking on the sidewalk. So I decided to contact her while I was waiting. We testified that we were representatives of Christ and he sent us there to leave a blessing with her and to baptize her! She readily accepted and set up a time for us to come to her home tomorrow and meet her entire family. This family of three came to church on Sunday and it was amazing to hear what she said when we followed up with her on Monday. "That day that you guys first talked to me I was actually thinking that I need to find a church. So I prayed and asked God. And then he sent you. This Sunday when I came to church I walked in and felt at home. God sent me to your church which is now my church. At my baptism this Sunday I am going to feel amazing, it truly is going to be the greatest day of my life!" It was such a huge miracle for God to lead us to his children that were so incredibly prepared for his gospel. It all happened because we opened our mouths and spoke miracles from heaven!
We have been working incredibly hard here and Plantation and having ample amounts of faith and God gives us miracles like this daily!
I also love my new district a lot and learned a lot from my first transfer as District Leader and have been applying it in the new district! It's different though cause I have a district full of Sisters so yea!
But I love ya'll and this week strive to act and not be acted upon! Do what God commands always!
With Love,
Elder Pond