Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WK51 'Divine Appointment'

Dear Family and Friends!!
Well transfer time is here once again and I will be leaving Cypress Creek and my district unfortunately... But I know the Lord has amazing things in store for me and I am extremely excited to witness what the Lord has in store for our amazing mission now! I am eternally grateful for the call to serve as a representative of Christ in this amazing mission. Serving as a missionary has changed my life completely!
This week we saw a miracle from on high and someone that had been waiting to be baptized for a while due to probation was able to be baptized! That experience is one I will always remember. She walked into the church with a huge smile on her face, she waiting at the baptismal service with the same huge smile, and after President Boggess baptized her she came up a new person. You could just see it within her. The Spirit was there and it impacted me very much so. We must always help ALL of God's children to partake of baptism because it will change their lives completely!
We also saw another huge miracle this week while rounding up people for church Sunday morning. We went to go see an investigator with a member to pick her up for church and she was outside but she began to explain how she can't come. As she was doing so this lady all dressed up and ready for church peaked her head near the window of the car. We began talking to her and said "Get on in and come to church!" This lady we just met on the streets got in the car. She began to explain how she woke up this morning, prayed, and the Lord told her to put on her church clothes and start walking down the street. So like Nephi she went forth not knowing beforehand what she should do. And then the Lord led us into each others paths and she called it a "divine appointment". We began to testify of the Atonement and baptism and she talked about how she was suppose to be baptized today in another church but didn't make it. So we testified that she could be baptized on the 20th of January and she accepted readily. She loved church, and even joined the choir that is singing for stake conference next Sunday. Then after stake conference she will be baptized because of our "divine appointment" from on high!
This week we were also able to help our investigators live the law of chastity and get married so they can be baptized as soon as possible. Another marriage!!!! It was amazing because the Lord led some of their friends and family there and we were able to contact them and they are now preparing for baptism! We must constantly find no matter where we are or what we are doing!
I truly am extremely excited for the mountains that God has for me to climb this upcoming transfer. I have learned a lot about leadership and how to become a more Christlike leader this transfer and will continue to put that into place.
This week the shout out goes to my bro Zac cause it's his birthday! Keep up the faith big man and I love ya!
Ya'll are amazing and out here the work is continuing to progress!! I love this work!!
With Love,
Elder Pond