Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WK 31 'Che Fanmi Ak Zanmi Mwen Yo!!'

Che Fanmi Ak Zanmi Mwen Yo!!
This week has been absolutely amazing! We are very busy here in Fort Lauderdale South which is amazing because that is when you bring many souls unto baptism! We were suppose to have quite a few baptisms this Sunday but Tropical Storm Issac made everything all messed up but we still had one! A guy named Damian got baptized and he was a the only nonmember in his family. The adversary worked extremely hard to have him not be baptized but we were able to help him threw it with the strength of Christ! It was an amazing baptismal service, spiritual as always!
We have a lot of investigators that are preparing to be baptized so we are working as hard as we can and doing everything that we can to keep their desires high so they can be baptized in the coming weeks! We saw a lot of miracles from being exactly obedient this week as well. On Saturday we had an appointment at 11:30 so it would of been very easy to just waste a half an hour before our appointment but we set out to work hard and harvest for a half an hour before our appointment! Normally eleven isn't the best time to harvest but I have a strong testimony that you can find people to be baptized at any time of the day. We harvested for a half an hour and found two really cool people and got blessings with both of them and one baptismal date. But as we were walking up to the car this man named Arthur ran up to us and just began talking with us about Christ. We testified that we are representitives of Jesus Christ and are sent here to bring more peace and happyness into your lives. We blessed their family and their desires were sky high. We invited them to be baptized right there and now they are preparing to be baptized on the ninth! It was amazing to see that by being obedient by getting out and working hard the Lord prepared people to be put in our path!
We should have a lot of baptisms coming up so we are working hard to see the witness of our faith! I absolutely love missionary work! I'm excited to when I come home still continue to do missionary work and share the gospel everywhere I go!
But our apartment is pretty nice. A lot nicer than the one in Wellington but I guess they are moving to a new house in Wellington! And the weather down here in insane! Every afternoon it rains very hard for about a half an hour and the rest of the day it is very hot and humid. Tropical Storm Issac didn't hit us to hard it just caused some flooding in some places.
I can't believe that this transfer is already half way over! It is so crazy to think cause it feels like I just got here to Fort Laud South. It will be exciting to see what the Lord has in store for me in this upcoming transfer!
But that's all for this week folks! I love you all and most importantly I love my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ! I know because of the Atonement of Christ we can change, we can be forgiven! That is such a blessing and a gift that we must take more advantage of! So go out and use the Atonement every single day of your life, and "become a saint threw the Atonement of Christ"!
I love you all!
Elder Pond