Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WK 28 'Goin on to a New Paradise' 8/7/12

Querida Familia y Amigos!!!
So we got our transfer call last night and it looks like I am....leaving Wellington South! At first I was super sad cause I absolutely love it here.. But now I am excited and energized for a new challenge!! I am pumped to find out what the Lord has in store for me and will find out where I am going and what I will be doing tomorrow at a transfer meeting down in the Plantation Chapel. So next Monday in my email I will let ya know about everything don't worry!
This week we saw many miracles from our Father in Heaven in my last week in Wellington South. We were able to bring the Restored Gospel to four souls that were searching for that truth just knew not where to find it. There are two twins that are sixty five that just got baptized this week that exemplify that scripture reference! They were found by harvesting about eight months ago right before I got here. They had been in their church with their family for their entire life and loved it very much. As we began teaching them about the Restored Gospel they felt the Spirit and saw things in their church that were not in accordance with the doctrines of Christ. Eventually they came to Church and felt the Spirit so strong. The first time they came they told us that they felt that peace and comfort from the Spirit and absolutely loved them. Then one day Elder Chamberlain and I went over there and boldly testified to one of the twins and she accepted to be baptized! So on Monday July 30th she entered into the waters of baptism. But the other twin was not convinced at all and would not give up her home church. But she came to her sisters baptism to support her. The second her sister went down in the water they both began crying. The Spirit was SOO STRONG!! Then after the baptism I talked with her sister and she began crying again telling me how she felt the Spirit soo strong and wanted that for her. She was baptized this Sunday! I love the Spirit and it is absolutely essential in the work!
We also baptized a part member families son which was amazing as well as another lady that we found harvesting at the beginning of this transfer! It was amazing and I am soo glad that the Lord allowed me to "go out with a bang"! Haha. The Lord truly has been blessing me soo much out here. The mission really teaches you how you always need to rely upon Him for ALL THINGS no matter what!! This transfer Elder Chamberlain and I baptized ten souls which was amazing! All possible because of our Father in Heaven who loves us all soo much!
But mom and dad sounds like you had fun having the missionaries over for dinner! haha. And I wanna hear about your missionary experiences with the new neighbors when they move in! But you won't believe this but I actually eat salad at members homes now! Cause everyone feeds it to ya and it actually isn't too bad. Like I would never buy it to eat it but I actually am starting to enjoy it more and more. And yes I have gained a little weight but now that I won't get free Micky D's it will get much better!!
But other than that I'm just excited for what the Lord has in store for me and cannot wait!! I gotta go say bye to lots of friends today which is gonna be sad but I'll get threw it and I've already promised them I am coming back so plan a vacation to Florida after the mission! And then I think I just move out here.. Haha.
Today especially I really want to bear to testimony to ya'll. I know this is our Father in Heavens work. He wants ALL of His children to come unto the fold of God. God lives! Jesus Christ atoned for each and every one of us so we can return back to our Father in Heaven as families for time and all eternity!
I love you guys and send all mail and packages to the mission office and it will get to me!!
With Christlike Love,
Elder Pond