Monday, August 13, 2012

WK 29 'Miracle Time!' 8/13/12 Area, S. Ft Lauderdale

Dearest Family and Friends!!!
This week has been absolutely amazing! When I left Wellington South after being there for six months it was kinda sad, but I knew I was absolutely ready for whatever the Lord had in store for me! Sure enough our Father in Heaven had something absolutely amazing for me! I got transfered to the area of Fort Lauderdale South. I absolutely love it down here! It's a lot more ghetto and hood than Wellington for sure and I love it. The areas that we work are just super run down but I love the people soo much! We actually have the ocean and beach in this area but I still haven't seen it! I think I will eventually it's just the closer you get to the ocean the more money there is and the less succesful you are as a missionary. Haha.  And my new companion is from West Point, Utah. He played basketball at Syracuse High School and has an amazing testimony! We work together great and are seeing miracles threw our hard work and obedience here!
Just from looking at the key indicators and talking with Elder Hall right after transfer meeting I definetely saw that as of late Fort Lauderdale South has been struggling. But I knew that Elder Hall and I would do everything we possibly can, put our trust in the Lord, and we WOULD see miracles! And we definetely did see "many might miracles" just as Ammon said. When I got here on Wednesday I saw that our area had no blessings so far and I knew that we needed to have eight by that night and we would see direct and indirect blessings! It was counsel by President Anderson, and thus the Lord, to have eight blessing by Wednesday night which is amazing! So I dropped my bags right when we got to the apartment and we both went out and got to work! We had a lot of set appointments which we thought would make it hard to harvest but any time we had at all we went and knocked some doors! By the end of the night it was amazing to see that we had taught six total lessons, and the Lord allowed eight homes to be opened and us to leave blessings with them and then because of that the Lord also granted us with a total of five new investigators that day. It was amazing to see that as long as we did all that we could, the Lord provided a way and we were able to be obedient by getting eight blessings by Wednesday night.
Then we saw a huge indirect blessing at the end of the week. We got a refferal from the Spanish Elders near the middle of the week and tryed calling her a couple of times but  couldn't get a hold of her. Then Saturday night we didn't have any appointments and I got an impression to give her a call again. She answered and told us to come right over! We went over and met her and her amazing boyfriend that is living with her. We ran threw the How To Begin Teaching points with the Atonement and invited them to be baptized. They said yes and were super pumped to come to church the next day. They came to church and we showed them the baptismal font. They wanted to jump in right there but we promised them next Sunday they could for sure! So we went over after church and taught the Plan of Salvation with the Law of Chastisy and told them they need to get married before they are baptized. They are talked about it last night and we haven't heard from them but we should be having a marriage and a baptism this week! I know that was an indirect blessing from our obedience earlier in the week.
I am soo excited to tear it up and bring many souls closer to Jesus Christ and the Restored Gospel down here in Fort Laud! We are about to see a lot of miracles down here and I can't wait! And just send your mail and packages to the mission office its soo much easier and then they will tranfer it to my apartment cause it's super close to the mission home in Plantation. Just in case ya don't have it the Mission Office address is 7951 SW 6th Street #110, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, 33324. Thank you and I love ya'll soo much! Can't wait for the packages and letters this week.
El Bell-Dude I love ya so much and am wayy happy for ya! Reading your letter I felt the Spirit soo strong and I know you're gonna tear it up in Cali! Love ya man!
With Love,
Elder Pond