Monday, July 2, 2012

WK 22 FL 'Speak MIRACLES!!' 7/2/12

Dear Family and Friends,
Ah hello everyone I am so happy to be able to talk to all ya'll and I am still in Wellington as well! Today my heart is truly very full for the amazing opportunity to be a missionary and speak miracles. Missionaries are answers to many peoples prayers and I am extremely greatful for the opportunity to be a representitive of Jesus Christ!
This week more than ever, I learned that the Book of Mormon speaks miracles threw the Spirit! We have an investigator that has the hardest time getting to church but has a burning desire to be baptized. She has been meeting with us for a very long time just cannot set her priorities straight. We had a very strong impression from the Spirit to read the Psalm of Nephi with her. The entire time she could not get enough of it and was marking with her highlighters in almost every verse! When we finished the chapter and testified that we need to have that same attitude in this life! Then I asked her how this chapter in the Book of Mormon can impact her life and immediately the Spirit hit us all like a brick wall and she automatically started crying. The Spirit was there without a doubt testifying of the Book of Mormon and along with that everything that we teach because it all relies upon the Book of Mormon. Her desires skyrocketed and we recommitted her to be baptized and come to church this week! She came to church and cannot wait to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. This all happened because of the Spirit that the Book of Mormon brought to her! The Book of Mormon "spoke miracles" to our investigator!
Other than that we are just working extremely hard here in Wellington South doing the work of the Lord and preparing many souls to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and be baptized! Great miracles are going to happen here in Fort Lauderdale this month, I can just feel it! Pray for it and all the missionaries all over the entire world!!
My new companion is.... ELDER CHAMBERLAIN!! He's a wayy sweet guy from Kanab, Utah and once again someone that balances me out. Cause you know me I am always all over the place and full of faith! He's really good at teaching the gospel simply and has already grown to love Wellington as all ya'll know I have as well!! I never wanna leave here so everyone is just gonna have to move to Wellington once I am done with my mission! Thank you for your prayers and I can't wait to get mail from everyone!
With Love,
Elder Pond