Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WK 21 FL 'Mighty Prayer ALWAYS Works' 6/26/12

Dear Family and Friends,
I'm staying in Wellington South no transfer for me!! That means I'll at least be six months here and hopefully more! I'm pumped  to be able to stay here and that makes me honored that the Lord trust me enough to stay in Wellington because we have a lot of AMAZING people that we are teaching and are preparing to be baptized in the month of July!! Elder Shaffer will be leaving us here in Wellington South and I'm actually really sad.. He's been here seven and a half months and has a sever case of jungle fever so it definetely is his time to go! We have a prophecy here in Wellington that Elder Shaffer baptized his wife and he is gonna come marry her after the mission and become Bishop of the Wellington Ward! I'm super pumped to meet my new companion, hit the pavement, and get to work! He'll love the area and I can't wait to baptize the entire city of Wellington! Just wait it's gonna happen I pray for it all the time! But transfer meeting is tomorrow so we are driving down to plantation early in the morning and Elder Burt and I are both gonna get new companions! Elder Shaffer is leaving to white wash, and train so pray for him for sure!!
But this week was full of hard work! Elder Shaffer and I always go to work hard and it's always our goal to at night when our head hits the pillow we are dead tired. That's when you know that you didn't waste any second of the Lords time, because this is His work! That is one of the two main things I learned this week, is there is no substitute for good old fashioned hard work! Of course you need major amounts of faith as well, but you MUST work hard on a mission! That is something that Elder Shaffer and I did very well together. The other thing I learned is that mighty prayer for investigators always works! We have been praying for this two twins that really wanna be baptized they are just scared to leave their Holliness Church. We have been praying very hard for them during every single prayer to our Father in Heaven and it has been working soo well! Every time we go over there the Spirit is undeniably there testifying of every word that comes out of our mouth, they fill it and are preaparing to be baptized this weekend!
I also went on exchanges with Elder Webb in South Bay and it was great to meet there investigators and even find some new people for them to teach! It was an amazing exchange and great to be able to learn from each other and see the work go forth.
This week I wanna give a shout out to my home boy Skyler Pond up in Logan Utah as well as Grandma Ruby! I love you guys and appreciate your prayers we can definetly feel them here in the Lords work! Zac I love ya man and appreciate you for bein an amazing bro to me man. Gabbe thanks for the pictures of hawk and remember to always work hard at softball! I'll be back before ya know it and still have that same passion for the game of baseball don't worry!! And mom and dad thanks for raising me in this gospel. It truly does mean a lot! But hope all is well back home, I'm still at the same address for at least for six more weeks and can't wait to hear from ya'll back home! Miracles are coming forth in the Lords work!!
With Love,
Elder Pond