Monday, July 16, 2012

WK 24 FL 'All Is Well' 7/16/12

Dear Family and Friends!!
Hello from gorgeous Wellington, Florida! All is well in the Lords work. We are working very hard here in Wellington pushing to bring twenty one souls closer to Jesus Christ threw baptism as a Stuart Zone this month and 100 as a mission once again! It is going to happen we have absolutely amazing people we are teaching and sharing the gospel I cannot wait. I absolutely love that the Lord gave me the opportunity and blessing to serve in the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission! This week in Presidents email to us he said, "We are doing wonderful things as a Mission and our efforts and works are known beyond our borders. I was talking to a member of the Seventy on Saturday and he told me “I was with Elder Ballard and Elder Bednar two weeks ago and the conversation was ‘what is happening in the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission?’” He asked me the same question and of course I said “we have the most obedient, above average, great missionaries in the world”, and I meant it." We are doing everything in our power to be exactly obedient and help the Lords work go forth!
This week we faced some heavy opposition here in Wellington. But we know that is prepatory to amazing things that are about to happen here in Wellington and the Fort Lauderdale Mission! We have an amazing family that is going to accept the gospel this week and follow our Savior Jesus Christ down into the waters of baptism! We have been working with them for forever and I truly cannot wait, it is going to be one of the most spiritual experiences I can just feel it!
But we get fed here in Wellington by members like every single day! It's amazing! I am super nervous that I am going to get transfered in three weeks though.. I know it sounds pathetic but I really think I might cry cause I have met soo many amazing people here! But of course I will trust in whatever the Lord has in store for me! Becuase in the end, he knows what is best for me and will give that to me as long as I fully trust in him! Lately I've gained such a huge testimony of the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life! His atonement has given me and all of us the opportunity to be cleansed from sin! I am eternally greatful for all that Jesus Christ and the Restored Gospel has done for me in my life. The Atonement has been able to cleanse me and is there for all of us if we but use it!
I love the work here in Florida and have learned to do everything I can with the upmost zeal! I love ya'll and can't wait to hear from  ya'll this week!!
With Love,
Elder Pond