Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wk 9 FL 'Miracle of 100 Baptisms' 4/3/2012

Dear Family and Friends!!!!!!!!!!!
We completed the miracle of 100 baptisms in the month of March as a mission!!!!!!!!! When we got news as Wellington missionaries that we accomplished the miracle we were so excited! This is a goal that has never been accomplished in our mission and many other missions around the world and it was amazing that with faith the Lord helped us accomplish our MIRACLE!! I know we saw the hang of the Lord helping us contribute to the miracle here in Wellington. The thing I realized most this week was with faith in the Lord absolutely anything is possible. Miracles can happen just like 100 baptisms in the month of March. I know that it was only possible threw having faith in the Lord and working as hard as we possibly can as missionaries. Something interesting actually happened this week. Elder Shaffer and I went to go visit a less active member that lives close to us and try and get them to come back to church. We forgot what house they lived in but in the complexs parking lot there was a group of people drinking and smoking so we decided that we should go share our message about Jesus Christ. And the one thing that really struck me was how they were so amazed that we could just believe and have faith. Like everything that they said we just knew that with faith anything was possible and they were truly amazed by that fact. But I do know that with faith in the Lord ANYTHING is possible. Once again, threw HIS strength I can do all this!!
We definetly had a miracle here in Wellington South this week! We actually ended up teaching a lot this week cause we have so many investigators. There was actually one day where we taught 9 lessons and we ended up teaching 28 total lessons this week! But the Lord helped us contribute for the miracle with two baptisms on Saturday! This did not come easy though. The couple that we baptized are Angelo and Shannon and they are the couple who had to get married before they were baptized. This whole week Elder Shaffer and I were working very hard to prepare them for their baptism. Many obsticals came up but as we had faith that the Lord would prepare a way those obsticals were overcame by His strength. Angelo was worried that by getting married his social security money that he gets would be lowered, which is true. But as we taught him that by keeping the Lords commandments, we shall prosper in the land and that the Lord always prepares a way his fears went away. That was only because we brought the Spirit and He taught and showed them the way. Then we sent them down to West Palm Beach to get their marriage license and they got denied because the certificate for the counselling was not official enough and they were closing until Monday. Automatically I was absolutely devestated! But as we met with them that night the Spirit promted us to invite to live in seperate houses until we were able to marry thema and they accepted!! I was so greatful for the Spirit because the next day they were baptized! It was absolutely amazing to talk with both of them after the baptism as well. Angelo said, "Thank you so much Elder Pond. I truly feel like my past is gone and everything is washed clean. I would give absolutely anything to feel this way it is truly amazing." Missionary work is the most rewarding work because of moments like this. This experience was only possible becuase we always had faith that if we worked hard then the Lord would provide a way and He did!! The Savior always comes threw on his end of the promises no matter what!
I also went on exchanges with our District Leader, Elder Shipley this week and he is an amazing missionary! When we went out we taught a ton of lessons and set a date with a guy named Zac!! He needs to give up some addictions but we are helping him threw it to come closer to Jesus Christ threw the restored gospel which WILL bless his life!! Here in Wellington we are teaching some amazing gators! I will be extremely sad when I get transfered out cause I have grown to love it here. One of the Wellington North Elders is actually going home this week, Elder Edwards! So all of the ladies out there who will read this he is now a RM living in the 801!! haha.
But thank y'all for all of your prayers we can truly feel them here in Southern Florida! Family I love y'all and friends as well you know I love ya and am always prayin for all of you no matter where we are!! And everyone back home remember the talk in Sunday afternoon where he talked about writing missionaries in the beginning of his talk! This came from the Lord and we truly do appreciate all of the letter!! Carly Kimball I'm still waiting to see how the big AZ is doing best friend!! And Laboe tear it up in the MTC brotha!! You'll love it there and I'll be writing you soon!! Thank y'all for everything that you do!
With Love,
Elder Pond