Monday, March 26, 2012

Wk 8 FL 'SOO CLOSE' 3/26/2012

Dear Family and Friends,
Thank you all for your mail this week I absolutely love coming home from a long day of missionary WORK, which I absolutely love, and there is mail waiting in our mailbox for me it's the best!! Ahhhhhhh but it is wayy hard to type right now so this email might be kinda short sorry!! We are running wayy low on time cause we have been fishing, going to wallmart, mcdonalds, visiting a less active for lunch, and we have to clean the apartment cause we have house inspections tomorrow morning so yea! And this week I accidently got in my very first bike crash so my hand hurts but of course we are still getting out and working hard no matter what!! And mom don't worry my hand will heal and I'll be perfectly fine. And yes I do get your mail mom, dad, zac, and gabbe it's just wayy hard cause we don't get much free time to write home and do everything that we need to do on P-Days so yea!
As a mission in Fort Lauderdale we are shooting for our goal of 100 baptisms in the month of March which is something that has never been done before in our mission. And we are SOO CLOSE!!!! This past week we hit 88 baptisms so we just need 12 more baptisms by Saturday to see the miracle of 100 baptisms in March as a mission!! Ahhh I am wayy pumped!!
This week I really focused on how as trials got put into the work here in Wellington South, we were just even closer to a miracle happening as we continued to be exactly obedient. We actually got blessed with being able to have a baptism this Sunday and he was very prepared by the Lord! He faced many trials during this past in prepatory to his baptism and of course Brian overcame them all! This week his boss actually fired him because he was getting baptized as well as his mom got very ill and had to go to the hospital. But he knew with all of his heart that the Lord knew best and things would work out for him as he put his trust in the Lord! I am just so glad that we were able to be there for him, and more importantly the Lord was able to be with him this past week. As we talked with him Sunday at dinner he told us, "I fell pure and clean, as well as at complete peace at the same time". Just hearing that we were able to help someone, threw the gospel of Jesus Christ, feel that way made everything worth it. I absolutely love missionary work, and it defientely is hard work!
The work is going forth here in Wellington South by the Lords strength. As we have faith and are exactly obedient, threw his strength we can do all things! We also have a marriage set up for Angelo Jr. and Shannon this week and actually four people with a date for this Saturday so pray for miracles to happen here in Southern Florida! Cause with faith absolutely anything is possible in the work of the Lord! I love ya'll and hope for lots of letters this week! I'll send some pictures of all our recent converts with this email for everyone and be praying for ya'll every single day! Ah and Brew I was just talking on the phone with another missionary that I am wayy tight with and actually goes home in a week, but I was doing the same thing we use to do to Kyle whenever we would drive down to his house. It was wayy funny and reminded me to "watch out for the poison ivy"!! I hope all goes well with ball this week Zac and you should see it here!! It is baseball country I love it!! Listen to conference this week and truly "Prepare for the Prophets" and it will bless your life!! Love ya'll!!
With Love,
Elder Pond