Monday, April 16, 2012

Wk 11 FL 'Return With Honor' 4/16/12

Dear Family and Friends,
Thank you for all of your love and support this past week! We can feel
your prayers here in Wellington South the work is going forth! It is
truly amazing the inspiration that the Lord has in missionary work.
Once again obedience is key to absolutely everything we do as
missionaries. I strive to be exactly obedient every single day so when
Elder Shaffer and I return home every night we can "Return With
Honor". We even put a sign up above our day saying "Return With Honor"
so we never EVER forget it! But out here as representitives of Jesus
Christ we are all on the Lords errand, and he needs us to go out and
work hard in His vineyard. Obedience and faith has to do with every
single thing we do as missionaries.
Once again this week in Wellington South we taught a lot of lessons
and are preparing a lot of people to accept the blessing of baptism
into the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was amazed at the end of
the week at how as we were obedient, hard working, and faithful how
the Lord allowed miracles to happen here in Wellington South! We were
able to teach a total 52 lessons, have 13 investigators commited to
baptism, and find 14 new investigators! It was unbelievable and I know
this is only because of our faith and obedience. We found two amazing
families that we are preparing to be baptized and hopefully one day
enter the doors of the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity
as a family!
But nothing huge happened this week just working hard and helping
Children of God prepare to be baptized! And this week is a bike week
AH!! That means we are gonna push to get a lot of member exchanges!
But anywase we were suppose to have a baptism this week but once again
Elizabeth got scared and this time she was scared to get in the water.
So we will be working with her this week preparing her to be baptized
once again! Oh how I love Elizabeth. A young man named Kevin has a
date for this Saturday as well so we are praying the Lord will help
him be guided to the waters of baptism and I will keep y'all updated
on what happens for sure!
Here in Wellington it is a ward and it is huge!! More people than back
home in the Murray 12th Ward but obviously it covers a much bigger
area as well! But there are rumors spreading that here soon they are
gonna split the ward in two cause it is getting so big but I hope not
cause I absolutely love the members here! They are the greatest
members and we always get fed very well! We actually had seafood
sunday with the Bishop yesterday and it was amazing. But here in
Wellington we are just working hard preparing people for baptism and
trying to get all of our recent converts to stay active so we are
staying plenty busy! And I can't believe in a month this transfer will
be over and either me or Elder Shaffer will leave Wellington and I
hope it's not me cause I love Wellington but I trust in what the Lord
knows is best for me so yea!
I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart and the strength that he
gives me every single day to perform His work! Absolutely anything
that we put our mind to and as we are obedient the Lord provides the
miracle and I love it! This is the Lords work and I know that without
a doubt on my mind. I love y'all back home and everyone out in the
field already as well! V, I'm expecting a letter soon and tear it up
out there bro! Write me whenever you want missionaries love mail!
With Love,
Elder Pond