Monday, April 30, 2012

Wk 13 FL 'Another Week in PARADISE' 4/30/12

Dear Family and Friends,
Ah just another week in paradise loving the mission field!! I have
decided that I love it so much out here that I am never ever coming
home! It is just soo amazing bringing souls closer to Jesus Christ!
But I absolutely love how exciting of a time it is right now to be in the
Fort Lauderdale Florida mission! Another record broken with new
investigators and I know that was only possible because of our faith
and obedience! We are gonna work as hard as we possibly can here in
Wellington South to bring as many souls unto Christ threw baptism as
possible in the month of May. There are soo many people out there that
are prepared, we just must go out and listen to the Spirit to be able
to find them!
This week the Lord blessed us with a baptism! We got to see the
witness of our faith and it was amazing! An amazing lady named Tiffany
definetely showed forth her faith in the Lord and entered the waters
of baptism. Her families home was blessed about six months ago and
nothing really came of it. But just over a week ago Tiffany called us
and told us that she wanted to find a way to come to church. So we set
up an appointment for the next day and had a very spiritual lesson. We
gave her a blessing for the sick cause she has M.S. and invited her to
be baptized and she accepted! She came to church the next day and then
a week later she was baptized! But at the baptism she really had to
show forth her faith because she has a tough time walking, so Brother
Hollbrook was suppose to baptize her but then at the last minute we
decided that I should get in the water as well to make sure everything
went well which saved us! Cause she got in the water and got really
scared of going fully immersed in the water because she wasn't able to
be stable. But when she trusted in us and more importantly the Lord it
was then that she finally went all the way under but her feet came up,
so I hurried and pushed her feet down and we were good! I saw that as
we fully trust in the Lord blessings always come!
We had a lot of amazing lessons this week as well and are preparing a
ton of people to be baptized! So we are praying every single day that
they keep coming closer to Jesus Christ and baptism! But we are going
to have the faith and obedience to bring even more souls to Jesus
We have been teaching a guy named Onel and lately he has been having
family problems and it's wayy hard! He also struggles with smoking,
but on Saturday we had a very spiritual and uplifting lesson with him
and he gave up his cigarretes! We had him take out his cigarretes,
crumple up the box and stomp on them then he gave them to us so he
wouldn't even have the temptation anymore! It was soo amazing to see
the spirit work within him and he should be baptized as well here
This week I also got to go on an exchange in Belle Glade and if I do
get transfered I would wanna get transfered up there it is soo sweet
up there! If you do look it up on the computer you might be a little
scared because it is straight up hood. But the people up there are soo
amazing and they really NEED the gospel of Jesus Christ in their
lives! I was up there with an Elder from Brighton High School  that is
suprisingly younger than me in the mission field named Elder Hoole! He
is a wayy cool guy! Oh and transfers are two weeks from this
Another sweet thing that happened this week is Saturday we got to go
glean corn! We went to a HUGE corn field in Loxahatche and basically
picked corn for three hours it was actually wayy fun! The members out
here are amazing we had like 250 people in Church every Sunday and
they are talking about spliting the ward cause it is getting wayy full
every single Sunday!
But that's about it for this week just workin hard out here in
gorgeous Wellington Florida. For the most part people like Mit Romney
out here dad but we honestly don't hear much about it. There's just a
ton of anti that we always have to help people threw but the Spirit
always testifies to them of the truthfullness of the Restored Gospel
of Jesus Christ! And like I said transfers are in two weeks so
everyone I love letters and packages, but if you send them and you
don't think they will get to my house before May 15th then just send
them to my mission office just in case I do get transfered which I
doubt and hope and pray that I don't I love the work here in
Wellington but I trust that the Lord will send me where ever He needs
me to be. But everyone please write me I absolutely love the letters!
Oh and I will tell ya'll what time I will be skyping home on Mothers
Day next P-Day but it will either be around two or three or six or
seven depending when the Oaks want us to come over! And I only have
thirty minutes so whoever is coming over make sure they are on time.
It would be amazing if Grandma Ruby could make it! And all my friends
who read this you are invited I would absolutely love to see ya'll!
Thank ya'll for all that you do we can feel your prayers here in
Wellington! Oh and mom send me some recipes especially Chicken
Enchelladas. Hope to hear from ya'll soon!
With Love,
Elder Pond