Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WK70 'Keep Jesus in Your Heart'

Dear Family and Friends!!
Well the rumors are true...Up here in Stuart South we are in a tri-companionship so we can more effectively minister to the amazing Stuart Zion Zone! I love my companions we call ourselves the big three just as LBJ, Dwane Wade, and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat. Their names are Elder Rockwood, from Orem, and Elder Smoot, from Kaysville! We have already seen amazing miracles and will continue to see many mighty miracles ahead! Today I want ya'll to ponder on one word, it's very simple, but powerful! FAITH.

This week I was really able to come to an even greater understanding of the Atonement of Christ. This past Tuesday we baptized a man who only speaks Spanish so I was not able to speak much to him. But I do know that I always showed him and his family and incredible amount of love and always exercised faith! His baptism was one of the most spiritual experiences of my entire mission so far. Even though I didn't fully understand the words at the baptismal service, the Spirit of God was there and I could never deny that. As I was able to witness that amazing ordinance my understanding of the Atonement grew and thus my conversion unto the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! I know this gospel is Christs!

The Zone had an average month in May, we were able to baptize thirteen. We started off the month really strong but then had a weak finish. As we as zone leaders discussed what action needed to take place to fix the problem at hand we discerned that as a zone we needed to always act in faith, and understand greater how to prepare our amazing investigators to be baptized. So we are taking training's to all the missionaries in the Zone this week so therefore they can be converted and thus see more success!

Yesterday we had forty-five minutes to harvest and I asked Elder Grant, who I was on exchanges with, how many blessings he wanted to give. He stated four very half heartily. I then testified of faith and exclaimed we could definitely reach eight blessings. He looked shocked but eventually jumped on board with faith. The first three doors we knocked opened and we harvested. We then began to run from door to door harvesting with fire and faith. Then three of the next five blessings said a resounding yes to baptism and were very excited to come to church. This was a life changing experience for the two of us! I know as we give God everything we have and put fire and faith into it then He will grant us success!

But that's all for this past crazy week! We have been travelin all over the Stake and I have been lovin it! Keep Jesus in your heart always!

With Love,
Elder Pond