Monday, May 13, 2013

WK68 'We Have Work To Do!!'

Dear Family and Friends!
Well we had an amazing Mothers Day yesterday full of baptisms! It was definitely an amazing time to reflect on the atoning sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ! We must always center our lives around the Atonement! While I was reading President Anderson's email it stood out to me, it said, "WE HAVE WORK TO DO!!". This is absolutely true! At the beginning of my mission I made a covenant with God that I would serve him with everything I have and I have always strived to live up to that covenant. I know that as I have given the Lord my all, He has blessed us tremendously through His mercy! There were a couple amazing miracles that came to pass this week that showed forth the mercy of Christ:
We have this part-member family who is getting married this Saturday so the husband can get baptized on Sunday and one day have an eternal family!
We were able to baptize two more amazing sons of God!
We were harvesting on P-day and this first two doors we knocked on accepted baptism readily!
I myself was able to become more converted, and help other receivers become more converted as well!
These are just a few of the many mighty miracles that our loving Savior Jesus Christ was able to give to us this week!

The zone is doing amazing as well! We were able to bring seven souls into the waters of baptism this week as a Zone and have many more miracles coming in the Stuart Zone! This week we have Zone Training and we will be training on gaining trust of our investigators, and creating spiritual experiences with the follow-up visit. We as well will be training on helping our missionaries become pro-active game-changers and play-makers. I know this will help our missionaries become more converted children of God and will create lasting conversion.

Lately Elder Torres and I have also been pondering about how we need spiritual power and conviction. This comes through true conversion and is something we want for all of God's children. So we will be doing all we can to help our missionaries, ward, and investigators gain spiritual power! But for those of you reading this, do ALL you can to gain direct spiritual power from God! Your life will change completely as you do so and thus change others lives completely!

But everyone I absolutely love my mission and the work I am doing! This work brings me indescribable joy! Now lets go do HIS work!!
With Love,
Elder Pond