Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WK69 'Time for a Little Change!!'

Dear Family and Friends
Palm Beach and Stuart Zone Conference
I am eternally grateful unto God for this past week and the things He was able to teach me and convert me unto! This past week has changed my life and I would like to highlight some huge principles I was able to be converted to!
Trust in God and in others: For all of my mission I have always trusted in God and Jesus Christ all the time. I truly love them with every fiber of my being. But I have always struggled to trust in others, whether that is members, other missionaries, or my investigators. I have truly loved them and would do anything for them but I was missing trust. This week Elder Torres and myself were able to counsel more concerning these things and God revealed a lot to us. First that unity with anyone; your companion, spouse, friends, etc.; first comes as you trust them completely. Then that trust leads you to allow others to act in faith as God does. Many times God allows us to do things, we mess it up, but then He helps us to be able to fix it. We must apply this same principle with those that we come in contact with. Because as we apply this principle we will allow others to learn and grow and create lasting conversion in them!

Exact Obedience in the small things matters: I have always done all I can to be exactly obedient. But many times we can get lazy with the small things and thus we lose spiritual power. We need this spiritual power in the world that we live in and especially as we teach God's children and baptize them!

So I am extremely excited to see amazing miracles this upcoming transfer! I have made a covenant with God to apply these two principles and many others that I have learned this past transfer and I know as a result we will do what has never been done before! Thus God is already blessing us because we are baptizing an amazing part-member family today who we were able to marry yesterday! We also got transfer calls last night and Elder Torres will be leaving. I will be getting a new companion up here in Stuart!

But I gotta go peace and get everything ready for the new transfer! I love ya'll and keep up the Lords work!

With Love,
Elder Pond