Monday, November 12, 2012

WK42 'Time to BAPTIZE!!'

Dear Family and Friends!
Man Elder Lee and I have been working extremely hard with the strength that God has been giving us every single day! He's definetely intrusted us with many of His precious children and we are about to link those souls that we have harvested to baptism and definetely will be seeing even more miracles here in Cypress Creek very soon!
This week we were harvesting this street and we knocked into Pauline. She first cracked the door open and tried shoving us off but we continued to testify that Christ sent us to her home to bless her life! After testifying over and over the expression on her face completely changed and you could see that the Spirit hit her. She let us right and and we left the blessing with her. After the blessing tears were streaming down her face and she expressed how the night before she prayed and asked God to send His representitives to her. She also felt from God the night before that she needed to be baptized again. We then testified boldly that God sent us there to help her be baptized! With tears streaming down her face she accepted readily!
I also realized this week how much power comes from consistant church attendance. A family that we have been teaching for a while came to church this week for the third time. Sunday after church we went over with a member to follow up with how church went and her testimony struck me. She said, "Every single week I look foreword to coming to Church. It's the highlight of my week and without it my week would be incomplete. It gives me strength to push foreword threw any trials. I can't imagine another week without coming to church!" Another family that came this Sunday, but for the first time, and they definetely felt that same Spirit as well. She said, "I felt that God was there for sure. There was so much kindness and love. I felt a peace that I knew was from God." We must get our investigators to Church so they can feel of this amazing Spirit! And as member of Christ Church we must always appreciate the Spirit that is felt at Church!
We also saw a miracle late Saturday night. The miracles always comes after the trial of our faith and I love it! We worked very hard Saturday and were reaching the end of the day when Elder Lee and I felt very impressed to go see this referral from other missionaries. We went searching for the house number but could not find it. We called the other missionaries and no one answered so we started walking away thinking we would have to see her later. But I felt the Spirit whisper to me very strongly that we really needed to see her. As we were driving away we got a call from the other missionaries and they exclaimed how they gave us the wrong address. So we immediately turned back around and heading to the correct address. We knocked on Tati's door and she let us in right away. After the harvest blessing the Spirit was extremely strong and we invited her to be baptized right there. She accepted and expressed to us how she has been praying to get closer to God and knows this is the way. We received the witness of our faith and the Lord also prepared the way for us to see her that night because He knew she needed it! I love Cypress Creek and know miracles are going to come threw our trust in the Lord!
But all is well here in Oakland Park/Pompano Florida! I love all of you soo much and appreciate all you have ever done for me to get me to where I am today! I am greatful that many of you answered the Lords call to help me threw whatever I was going threw at the time. This week the shout out goes to my Aunt and Uncle Tam and Clair for takin my family to Mexico! Remember, always trust in the Lord and all will be well in the end!
With Love,
Elder Pond