Monday, June 18, 2012

WK 20 FL 'Work, work and WORK!!' 6/18/12

Hello Family and Friends!!
P-Day has rolled around the corner once again!! This week was absolutely insane and I can't wait to tell ya'll about it. But it is getting extremely hot and humid here in Florida! And this week I get to go to Belle Glade on exchanges I am super pumped. Don't look up Belle Glade on Google cause it might scare you, but I promise we are safe there! It actually has the highest amount of shootings per capita in the US. But the community out there absolutely love Jesus Christ, so obviously they absolutely love us as representitives of Jesus Christ!! And trasfers once again so beware where you send mail. And yea dad they will forword it to me if ya send it to the wrong place it just might take a little bit. But I am PUMPED for transfers!! If I get transfered I might cry though so pray for me to stay in Wellington I love it here!! Just kiddin, "I'll go where the Lord wants me to go"!
But this week on Tuesday we were leavin are apartment and biking along and all of the sudden Elder Shaffer flew over his handlebars and hit the sidewalk! He slowly got up and the whole left side of his face was full of blood. We walked home, cleaned him up, and called the North Elders to take us to the emergancy room. Elder Shaffer got nine stitches above his left eye it was insane!! And dad you even told us to not get in any accidents this week so hopefully that doesn't mess up with what you're workin on with the Missionary Medical program. So Elder Shaffer spent this week up in Wellington North cause he couldn't ride a bike and I tore it up down here with Elder Burt and Elder Owens. One amazing experience we had this week was when we gave one of our recent converts a preisthood blessing. The adversary has been working very hard on her since she has been baptized. She has gotten very sick and fell twice in the past week! So we went over there and gave her a preisthood blessing and all of the sudden she was honestly healed. She started walking around like nothing ever happened. And we went over there last night and she was totally fine. It was a miracle shown to me and helped me know even more that the preisthood truly is the power to act in Gods name! How blessed we are to be able to live in a time where the preisthood has been restored once again on Earth. But, the preisthood can only be used upon the powers of righteousness!
This week we did A LOT of teaching!! We taught a total of 47 lessons. It was amazing to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with so many people this week. During Gospel Principles class this week Brother Gordon asked me what the message we share with the world is. And of course I stated that the gospel has once again been restored on this Earth today prepartory for the second coming of the Messiah. I just thought to myself, what a truly remarkable message we have to share!! Think about it, to truly know that the same church and gospel that Jesus Christ himself had on this Earth 2000 years ago is once again on this Earth! We are so blessed once again to be a part of this true, living, and restored Church! That's why we go out to all the ends of the Earth and proclaim it to the entire world! I am personally so greatful for the amazing opportunity that I have to share this unique, but amazing message with the people in Wellington!
I've seen on my mission the key to missionary work is actually getting out there, hitting the pavement, and working hard! There is no substitute for good old fashioned hard work! Elder Shaffer and I have definetly been doing that here in Wellington South. We had another miracle this week as well! And we have seen how people can get revelation threw Church Attendance. Elder Burt and I were talking with some of our recent converts and they brought up an issue they have with Thomas S. Monson being a living prophet. So we asked them how they recieved an answer about Joseph Smith being a prophet and I never heard this before so it was amazing to be able to find out. She said she sincerely prayed and in church one Sunday and she felt a peace come over here from the Spirit! So we commited her to do the same for our living prophet today and I know she will have a similar experience! But it was just amazing for me to know that revalation comes very strongly threw coming to church. Because church houses are dedicated buildings to the Lord and a place where the Spirit of the Lord can be felt in abundance. There is one investigator that feels that true Spirit very strongly when she comes to church. She came to church a while ago and absolutely loved it, she is just to attached to her Holliness Church. But she decided to come a week ago and said to us, "But I'm goin to my church the week after that" which was this week. We went and visited her on Friday and she exclaimed how she wanted to feel more of that Spirit and is coming to church again this week!! As missionaries for Jesus Christ we just must go out into the streets and compell people to be baptized and come feel of the Spirit in church and specifically sacrament meeting.
But that's all for this week. I love ya'll and can't wait to here from everyone!!
With Love,
Elder Pond