Monday, January 13, 2014

WK103 'Impossible=False Doctrine'

Dear Family and Friends!
Well as far as I hear the entire United States is freezing cold while South Florida is heating up! Sorry to hear that because we are chillin in 80 degree weather down here in South Florida. As well to the weather, missionary work is heating up in the FFLM! Baptisms are falling out of the sky and I am extremely grateful for the tender mercies of Father to me now and my entire mission.
One HUGE miracle that we saw this week began on Monday! We got out of a crazy lesson with an investigator and just as we turned the corner there was a family. Instinctively and immediately I began to talk to them. We blessed them and they accepted everything extremely willingly! We finally got to follow-up with them on Wednesday and they were just as willing to repent and be baptized. At the end of the lesson the ten year old daughter pointed out some dirt on my shirt. I explained that it happens all the time because we are always on bikes. Then they tripped and said that two boys use to come over to there house all the time on bikes and they spoke perfect Creole. They use to always go to their church, the father of the family got baptized but they never got baptized and stopped going since they moved to Plantation. We lit up and explained that we are a part of the same church and then immediately testified of Christ and invited them to be baptized that Sunday! The 10 year old daughter was interviewed on Friday [her birthday], and then on Sunday six days after we contacted them she was baptized! Father blessed us tremendously this week, especially as we exercised our faith in the Lord!
So as children of God, let us never give up, but press forward with faith and then Father promises that He will provide a miracle for us. Nothing is too hard, with Father on our side.
With Love,

Elder Pond