Monday, January 6, 2014

WK102 ' POWER of Ordinances'

Dear Family and Friends!
Well another week bites the dust! Crazy to think how fast time flies out here serving the Lord. This week as well my heart is full of gratitude for the many miracles that the Lord helped us to be able to receive. So I wanted to talk about some of those miracles and then talk about the power of ordinances at an eternal perspective.
The biggest miracle day was Sunday after church as we went and visited everyone that didn't come to church. We went and visited a former investigator and she was sad that the missionaries stopped coming over and pumped to come to church and prepare for baptism. Then we caught up with an investigator that we lost contact with and set him to come to church next week. Then we ran into one of our investigators on the street chillin with her friends, we prayed and preached repentance and baptism to them. Set all five of them with baptismal dates. Then followed up with two investigators who didn't come to church and set them with baptismal dates. Then got back in contact with our baptism that was suppose to be baptized that day, established more expectations, and set him to come and get baptized on Tuesday! Then while biking ran into another investigator that slept in that day so he wasn't able to come to church that day. He expressed how badly he felt for not coming and how he definitely is going to make it next Sunday. Then we set him with a date. Then we were able to follow up with two potentials that we lost contact with. Extremely SOLID! Taught them how Christ can relieve our burdens as we follow him and are baptized. Set with dates! By the end of the night the Lord blessed us to set fifteen of his Children with baptismal dates. Then to close the night out we were biking by a less actives house that we hadn't been to in forever and the Spirit prompted me to text him and ask him if we could come over. He replied he was just getting home and that would be alright. When we went over he explained that right before we texted him he just got off the phone with his son and was extremely frustrated and cursing out God. When we texted him he took that as a sign that God is looking after him. After we left he said, "Thank you. I feel a whole lot better." All I gotta say is, God is REAL!
The other thing that I wanted to touch on in this email is kind of the purpose of this life. In Alma 34:32 we learn that we are here to prepare to meet God. Father loves us so much that He gave us steps or saving ordinances that as we partake of and endure to the end we can gain exaltation. Thus the most important things in this life are those saving ordinances; baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, the sacrament, the priesthood, getting your endowment, and a temple sealing. So we must ourselves, do all we can to get to these ordinances and help our fellow brothers and sisters to do so. For this reason I have decided that I will be getting married at least six months after my mission! Haha just kiddin :)
But let us go see some huge miracles this week and help others come to the ordinances!
With Love,
Elder Pond