Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WK56 'Centered in Christ'

Dear Family and Friends!!

This week was another amazing one in the work of the Lord! We had amazing zone conference where Elder Hallik of the seventy went on a mission tour of our mission! President also announced that all of our names will be going in the cornerstone of the Fort Lauderdale Temple and will rest there until the Savior comes again. I felt the Spirit very strongly and learned an incredible amount at this Zone Conference that Elder Wardell and myself have been applying in the work here in Plantation. It has been amazing here I absolutely love it! Here in Plantation I have definitely learned the principle that the Savior taught, "To him that believeth, all things are possible!"Cause generally Plantation has been a tough area to be in, but as we had faith in Christ we have turned that stigma around! We just must have faith centered in the Savior Jesus Christ and all things are possible! I know it!                                      
This past week we worked very hard and saw huge trials of our faith at the end of the week. So we know that God's promises will be fulfilled and this week we will receive a witness of our faith as we continue to press forward with faith! Yesterday we saw huge miracles and got five harvest blessings to start the week out strong. We have a goal to start the week of strong and get fifteen harvest blessings by Wednesday and we know this is possible!
It's amazing to see God lead us to His children that have been prepared, especially when they have been taught by missionaries already. This week we contacted this lady on the street and got her address to go bless her home. When we went over to bless her home we met her Sister and blessed her. She accepted baptism immediately and felt the Spirit of God very strongly. Then when we went back to teach her the next day she expressed how missionaries use to come and visit her. But ever since her family moved she hadn't seen us at all. She knew God sent us back to her and is very excited for baptism!
The district is doing well! We had a little bit of a rough week but are pressing foreword with faith in Christ this week to see miracles! In my district there are fairly young Sisters and no Elder companionship's. Although transfers are coming up next week and I heard through the grapevine that they are opening another Elder area and they will be in my District. So I'm excited! But it's amazing I love my District and am very excited for this next upcoming transfer!
Well I love ya'll back home a lot and continue to press forward in the work back there! A big shout out goes to my Mom for her birthday on Saturday!!
Remember, we must always have our faith centered in Jesus Christ.
With Love,
Elder Pond