Monday, February 11, 2013


Dear Family and Friends!!
This week was another amazing one in the service of our God! I cannot express the gratitude I have for my loving Father in Heaven this week. He gave Elder Wardell and I so many mighty miracles. The biggest one was our baptisms! This week we worked very hard and had huge miracles happen with this Brazilian family. Ten days ago we were biking down a street that we felt inspired to bike down and saw this lady walking out of her house. We contacted her and blessed her home right then. The Spirit was very strong and she told us that was exactly what she needed at that time. Then we testified of Christ and invited her to be baptized and she expressed very little desire to do so. She told us of how she lived in Utah for six years and has many Mormon friends, met with missionaries for a long time and that we wouldn't be able to get her because she's Catholic. But we continued to testify and she committed to come to church. Then the next day when we followed up with her we solidified her coming to church and as we were leaving her cousin Carlos walked out and was leaving but very quickly we invited him to come to church. Then that Sunday they both came to church! After Gospel Principles we testified and set both of them with very soft dates for the next Sunday. But the next time we saw them was Tuesday and Lucia said, "What do we need to do to get baptized on Sunday?" They both had a complete change of heart threw the Spirit of God. They were baptized yesterday and as we put our trust in God, he allowed all to work out.
We also had another family that we were able to baptize and it was a huge miracle as well. We had the 22 year old daughter of a family who was set for baptism but her mom and two brothers were set on going up to Georgia and getting baptized in their home church. But after church on Sunday the mom came up to us and exclaimed that they wanted to be baptized today in God's church! We quickly got her to the interview with President Anderson and got her and the kids dressed in white. While all this was happening I had to bust out all the hymns I could and just play for an hour until the baptism could happen. Cause the mom's daughter who was for sure getting baptized had no idea the rest of her family finna get baptized and was waiting for the baptismal service to start. When her mom and two brothers walked in all dressed in white she began to cry. They were all baptized and it was absolutely amazing! Everyone this work is God's, without a doubt. He is one hundred percent laboring along side us every step of the way! I love my Father in Heaven, President Anderson as my mission father, and my earthly father as well!
The District is seeing huge miracles as well! For two weeks in a row every companionship baptized and we are on pace to do what has never been done before! My district is compiled of Elder Wardell and myselft, two Sisters serving in Davie, and two other Sisters serving in the Stake YSA Branch. They are amazing and I love them a lot!
Continue to press foreword in all that you do!
With Love,
Elder Pond