Monday, December 31, 2012

WK49 'Eternal Life Time'

Dear Family and Friends!!
Ah my joy is completely full for the strength that the Lord has given our amazing mission to complete our goal of 150 baptisms this month! We finished with 153 baptisms as a mission which is somethings that has never been done before! This was absolutely the whitest Christmas I have ever been a part of! We saw so many miracles here in Cypress Creek as well as throughout the district this past month it was amazing!
This week I gained a HUGE testimony on how revelation is recieved at church to those who have open hearts to the Spirit of God. We have this investigator who we have been teaching for a while now and knows everything is true just won't act upon it. We had an amazing lesson with her Saturday night with a recent convert that came with us but she was still having doubts about being baptized so we testified to her if she listens to the Spirit at church the next day, she will feel God needs this for her right now. So the next day at church right before Young Womens I got a chance to testify to her and challenge her to be baptized that day. She still didn't feel quite ready. But she went to young womens and after the block she came out and was super pumped and filled with the Spirit of God. They were talking about New Years Resolutions and she announced that her's would be getting baptized next Sunday! Miracles happen as those we love come to church and we are able to allow the Spirit to do the teaching. I truly cannot wait for her baptism next Sunday! Another experience that we had was with two new investigators that came to church this Sunday as well. After the block they explained how much of the Spirit sent from God that they felt at church. We then followed up with them Sunday after church with a member and you could tell they were on a spiritual high! The Sister explained how she came home and had no desire to drink any alcohol. We then challenged her to get rid off all the alcohol in her house so she can prepare more for her baptism on Sunday. She went inside the house and came back with an entire case of beer saying, "I don't need this anymore. I'm DONE!" The Spirit that they felt at Christ's true and living Church gave them so much strength to continue to prepare for their baptism next Sunday!
We also had two amazing experiences while harvesting this week! We stopped to contact this guy on the street on Wednesday and went to go bless his home. He accepted baptism immediately and that fulfilled our eight blessings by Wednesday! Then the Lord blessed us because of our obedience! We were walking out of this house and someone who was checking their mail asked us what we do. We explained that we baptize people and help them feel peace from God. Immediately she beckoned us to come and bless her home. She accepted baptism immediately talked about how she knows we were sent from Christ because she was praying for more peace for her family and then God sent us! Another experience harvesting was we were walking on the streets once again and this lady was walking towards us. So we contacted her and she took us inside her home to bless her entire family. The Spirit was undeniably strong after the blessing and they all accepted baptism. Then we invited them to church and the mom explained how they have their church. Then we basically said, "We know this is an invitation from Christ himself to come to Church with us. You must come and listen to the Saviors voice!" After much testifing we left and they were still set on going to their church on Sunday. But that Spirit from our testimony stayed with them and they all came to church on Sunday! This is God's work, I know it!!
This month was amazing here in Cypress Creek we gave six souls the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ! The District ended with fifteen baptisms all together which was amazing I was extremely happy!
This gospel is a gospel of change! If we truly sit back and evaluate how much this gospel has changed our lives we will not even be able to measure it. This is the way back to the Father! So follow the gospel with all your heart, might, mind, and soul and strive to share that with others and behold thus saith the Father, "Ye shall have eternal life"! So lets go get eternal life ya'll!!
Love ya!!
Elder Pond