Monday, November 25, 2013

WK96 'Spirit of Thanksgiving'

Dear Family and Friends!
I know I say this every week, but this week was completely full of miracles. I have come to realize with even more of a certainty that our Heavenly Father does exist, and that Jesus is the Christ, the Holy Messiah! This week He has been so incredibly good to us and with the Thanksgiving Spirit, I wanted to start off this letter by stating a list of things I am grateful for:
My Family- Now looking back I realize how much you all did for me.
My Friends- Were always there for me through all the tough times, my fellow brothers and sisters from the pre-earth life.
My Mission- Changed my carnal desires to become a saint through the Atonement of Christ.
The Miracle of Forgiveness- I have seen this in my life and the lives of soo many of Gods children in Southern Florida.
The Prophet- I feel God's direction in my life through His chosen servants.
Food (especially Southern Soul Food)- I have grown a deep love for this on my mission!
Harvesting (tracting)- It is amazing to see how God leads you to His children who need you in the very second when they need it most.
The Gift of the Holy Ghost- One of the greatest blessings him my life, a huge source of comfort in all times of trials.
Eternal Families (sealing ordinances in the temple)- With this knowledge and peace I know that I will live with Grandma Ruby again.
The Sacrament- Ability to take what we have to the Lord, and allow him to make us whole.
President Anderson- His inspired guidance and leadership has changed my life.
My Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ- words cannot express how eternally grateful I am for all that they have done for me.

This past week was huge though, Elder Morgan and myself were blessed to have a lot of people come to church in every aspect of the work. We brought less actives back and rescued them. Baptized two of God's children. As well got some new investigators to sacrament meeting who are lined up to be baptized this upcoming week.

The baptism on Sunday was one of the most powerful baptisms that I have been a part of. The entire baptismal service the Spirit was extremely strong testifying to all of us there that baptism changes lives, and that it is the beginning step to receive the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Always remember that the power of Godliness is manifest in the ordinances thereof, especially saving ordinances.

One huge miracle that we saw that I wanted to share with you happened Sunday after church. We took a back road to try and get in contact with a part-member family that fell off the map. But it has been raining an incredible amount and as we were biking we soon realized that we were in a sand pit and basically surrounded with water. So we had to endure and push through it to get to the other side. Eventually we did and made it to the part-member family and they were home! We had an amazing lesson and set the members two sons to be baptized on the 8th! Huge miracle. This is often times what happens in our individual lives, we go through a rough patch, or in our case a sand pit surrounded by water, but as we ENDURE then miracles from God will come!

This month Elder Morgan and myself are looking to do what has never been done before in the FFLM and baptize 16 of Gods Children in December! So please include this in your prayers, we know with God we can accomplish all things!

With Love,
Elder Pond