Monday, June 17, 2013

WK 73 'Welcome to Miami!!'

Dear Family and Friends!!
Well today I have a heart FULL of gratitude for God and the mercy of Jesus Christ towards me. This week has definitely been a crazy week but one that has completely changed my life. I will eternally be grateful for this past week and the things God has taught me.
It all started Monday as we got out to work hard in the amazing area of Stuart South. We went and taught some lessons to our baptismal dates and were getting harvest blessings through contacting everyone on the streets. Then it was 8:30 PM and we walked past this group of ten people to go see a potential investigator. They weren't home so as we walked past this group of people again we decided to stop and leave our Saviors peace and blessing with them. They accepted and after the prayer many of them were in tears. They expressed extreme gratitude and of how Christ sent us there. As we invited them to be baptized they couldn't of been more excited. We all walked away from that experience edified and uplifted by the Lord.
Then something HUGE happened on Wednesday. I had my interview with President Anderson. At this time I was extremely excited for the amazing things that have been happening for the amazing Stuart Zone. We had an amazin Zone Training and the work was rolling foreword. But I sat down with President, he looked at me and said I feel impressed by the Spirit of God to tell you that you will be transferred out of Stuart South today. The assistants will call you when I inform them and come pick you up. My immediate impression was my jaw falling to the ground because I couldn't believe I was being transferred in the middle of the transfer. But immediately the Spirit of God told me that this was from him.
Then I got the honor of spending Wednesday-Friday with the Assistants and learned an incredible amount. These three days completely changed my life. Some of the things I learned were:
Everything we do needs to be measured by effectiveness.
Some Children of God move greater by pressure and others by motivation.
We as leaders must be respected and not fall into trying to be liked..
We must build a culture in our zones of conversion to our purpose and having faith on the Lord.
Everything we DO is to help us BECOME!
There must be purpose behind everything that we do.
Pride diminishes our spiritual power and skills as children of God.
We are challenging and testifying missionaries!
Do not ever forget the basics and fundamentals!
You can learn a life lesson from any situation!
And much, much more. As a result of these three days I have become a more Christlike Son of God and I thank God for these three days!
Then Saturday I got transferred down to Palm Springs with Elders Skousen and Hall as Zone Leaders in the Hialeah Zone. Yupp I am finally down in Miami baby!! And as well back with Elder Hall who was my companion in Fort Laud South. This call was from God! We went out and worked hard on Saturday and saw huge miracles by getting six new investigators to sacrament meeting. We now have seven baptisms lined up for this Sunday and know as we exercise faith God will strengthen us to accomplish this!
Then something Elder Skousen said on Sunday changed my life as well. "When I was on exchanges with Elder Plowman he asked me what I want to accomplish the last three weeks of my mission. I said to have more faith and help others have that faith. Then more effectively minister to our District Leaders. Then God sent you here." God is amazing! He knows what He is doing and I know this is His work! I know He has sent me here to the Hialeah Zone and we will see miracles!
But Brothers and Sisters I love you all! Miami is amazing! And the work of God will continue to roll foreword always! Just push with all of your heart, might, mind, and strength.
With Love,
Elder Pond
Let's Go Miami Heat!! Haha..