Monday, May 21, 2012

Wk 16 FL 'Let the Holy Spirit Guide, Even Threw the Thunderstorms!!' 5/21/12

Dear Family and Friends,
Sorry I didn't send an email home last P-Day it was insane!! We were runnin all over the place doing everything that we need to do on P-Day for the week, P-Days are so busy we hardly even get a chance to relax. But then we come to the Church to send off our emails and they were messin with the internet so it was all down!! I got a chance to shoot off a quick email to President at a members house but we had no time. Oh and I got my haircut by a member it looks amazing!
But guess what?? I didn't get transfered!!! And neither did my trainer Elder Shaffer.. Which is really weird cause fathers and sons never stay together more than two transfers!! But Elder Shaffer and I trust that the Lord knows exactly why we need to be here longer and are still workin our hearts out! Elder Shaffer was a little disapointed cause I think he kinda wanted to be transfered.. haha. So my address is still 1425 Riverside Circle, Wellington, FL, 33414 for at least five more weeks. But I really hope longer cause this area is just about to blow up once again!
The most amazing experience happened to us here in Wellington today! It was around eight at night and we had some appointments fall threw so we werent sure who to go see. An investigator that called us earlier that morning and cancelled on us to reschedule for five days away came to both of our minds. At first I kinda ignorned it because she already called us and cancelled that same day. But the feeling from the Holy Ghost kept coming to us so we said, "Lets trust in the Spirit and let it lead us to where the Lord would have us be!" So we biked over there and knocked on her door and her son who we hadn't been able to meet with answered the door. He said that she just left and started walking to Publix so we left a little disapointed. But the Spirit came to us again telling us to go to Publix to look for her! So we bike over to Publix and look everywhere and she is no where to be found. But then a members husband who is a nonmember came up to us and just started talking to us. We got to know him a little better and are now able to stop by sometime and leave a blessing on their home and baptize him! But we left still not getting in contact with our investigator.. As the storm above us starts brewing and pouring we head home. But in the distance we see someone walking home and once again we get an impression to take a detour from our normal path home and bike past this person. As we begin to pass her she exclaims, "Hey guys what are you doing!?" It  was our investigator that we were searching for walking home!! The Spirit led us to her and it was so amazing! We walked her home in the rain and the whole time she was talking about what she read in the Book of Mormon and how excited she was to get baptized. When we got to her house she invited us in for a quick message and prayer with her and her family. The Spirit was there without a doubt and we invited her entire family to be baptized and they all accepted! They are progressing closer to our Father in Heaven and very excited to be baptized. This all was possible because we truly listened to the impressions from the Holy Ghost!
Last week we had a baptism of three after church on Mothers Day and it was amazing as always! We had a total of about 20 investigators at the baptism and the entire gym was full of members and nonmembers alike. When they were baptized I felt the Spirit confirm to me once again that the work we are doing is the Lords work. But after the baptism every investigator that was there felt the Spirit so strong one even went and paid tithing!
Adversity definetly came this week though, as always. But the thing we know as missionaries is when it does come something amazing is about to happen. So we went off for a two hour harvest knowing something amazing would happen if we put our trust in the Lord. Every single door we knocked on that answered let us right in, knew we were representitives of Jesus Christ, and let us leave a blessing with them it was amazing! I love how the Lord always prepares a way for us to work threw adversity we may face, and find MIRACLES!!
But we hope and pray all is well at home here in Wellington. Always "let the holy spirit guide" no matter what. And I can't wait to hear from ya'll back home! But Elder Pond is out until we email again! Mobbin for life!
With Love,
Elder Pond