Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 1 MTC Letter - 2/7/2012

Hello Family and Friends!!
Ahhh I don't even know where to start!!!! This week has been insane and probably one of the hardest weeks of my entire life. Just like the Bulldog said in his first letter home I lay in my bed at night absolutely exhausted!! Here at the MTC they just try to shove as much information at you in the shortest amount of time possible and then in three weeks send you out the door and say good luck in Florida elders. Things are getting much better though as the days go by. The first week everyone here uses the term that it's like drinking out of a fire hose, some of it goes in your mouth but most of it goes all over your face!! And I am SOO ready for "the weeks to turn into days here" cause everyone says they will and I have kinda been seeing that. But the first couple of days the days felt like weeks so I'm prayin that I will get use to it and I know I will. I just want to clear up a rumor that everyone thinks "the MTC food is the best food out of the entire mission". Cause that is not true at all the food isn't that good to tell ya the truth.. You have to look for things that taste good in the food and there are some meals that aren't good at all.. So I am really looking foreword to getting out to Florida and actually being able to eat some normal food!! My companions here in the MTC are amazing! I got put in a trio because the other kid who was suppose to be in our district is stuck in his hometown of England cause his visa got denied to go to Jamaica. Yea I know and person from England going to Jamaica its soo sweet!! We actually have an Elder from England that is going to Jamaica in our district named Elder Barker. He is an inspired inspired man!! And I think it would be wayy sweet to see his English accent mixed with a Jamaican accent! Everytime I talk to him I think of Mr. Bulldog Ford because that's where the big man is right now!! But my companions names are Elder Lee and Elder Wood. Elder Lee is from Davis High and played soccer. Elder Wood is from Overton, Nevada and played basketball in high school so at least I have companions that like playing sports which I am very thankful for!! I also got made district leader of our district with six elders and four sisters!! I got made district leader the second day I was here so it was a little bit overwhelming at first but I love it now! District leader is a huge responsibility but I truly love our district so it helps a lot. Our branch president, basically our bishop, is President Roach. He is an inspired man as welll and carries a great spirit with him!! While here in the MTC I've seen a bunch of homies from high school like,
Elder Shawn Herman (The Hermanator): I saw Shawn the first day I got here and I was soo happy to see him!! haha. I ran up to him and gave him and handshake and said Shawn how are ya!? And of course Shawn just replied, It's Elder Herman here Elder Pond!
Elder Cayde Pearce RootHOFF: It was amazing to see Cayde as well since I hadn't seen him in forever and we chatted for a while just catching up!!
Elder Kunkle: I actually saw a huge change in Kunkle and totally saw the light of Christ in him!!
Elder Brock Bennion: It always puts a smile on my face to see Mr. Brock Bennion!! He's such a great man and always lifts my spirits up!!
I love it here in the MTC and am SOO greatful for all the blessings and tender mercies that the Lord has given me and my family while I have been here!! Every single time I am feeling a little bit discouraged or stressed I feel comforted by the spirit and with other things that the Lord puts into my life that I am soo very thankful for!! Always remember that no matter what the Lord is standing by your side lifting you up!! For all my friends that will enter the MTC here soon live life up while you can and prepare for one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life!! And everyone please write me it honestly helps soo much!! The days fly by when I get letters from my friends and family so please please please write me I appreciate it!! Either threw dearelder.com for free, or threw the mailing system. I miss you all and can not wait to here from all of you this week, hopefully, and then next P-Day!! My P-Days are Tuesdays so that is when I am able to write to everyone!! I love you all and make sure to mob it up while I'm out here serving the Lord. Mobbin for life. You don't know, you don't know. Mobber out!!
With Love,
Elder Pond